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Shelby the bat


Steven and I found this little bat costume, and it fit Shelby so well, we bought it. She wore it on Halloween. Check out the photo album of Shelby's first Halloween.

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Clearly, the pumpkin is possessed


This is Shelby's first Halloween, and therefore, her first jack-o-lantern. She's seen fire before: candles, beach bonfires, and lit fireplaces. But something about a candle in a pumpkin was just too much. She started out curious, and then curiousity turned into crazed barking and running laps around the house. See for yourself.

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Pumpkin carving


There were little pumpkins for sale at the pumpkin patch. We bought a few to decorate the dinner table. I let Shelby smell this little white pumpkin, and things got a little out of hand. See Shelby "carve" her own pumpkin for Halloween.

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Getting to know the pumpkin


I can't believe we got her to do this.

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Lonesome pug


I caught yet another cold on Thursday, and have been trying to recooperate. Shelby usually spends a great deal of her day following me around, sitting in my lap, and playing. Steven was busy meeting some deadlines for his clients. This meant that Shelby was bored. Here she is on the edge of my bed, trying (unsuccessfully) to get me to play a rousing game of fetch the frog. Poor Shelby.

Lucky for her I'm too tired to sew anything for her.

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The Danbury Mint strikes again


I suppose I should not be suprised that I would receive advertisements through the mail, targeting me as a pug owner. I'm not sure how they get my name and address, though I suspect Shelby's papers with the AKC might have something to do with it.

I got my first pug related direct mail piece the other day. The Danbury Mint sent me a brochure to purchase a Pug Christmas tree sculpture. This porcelain tree, overrun with pugs, also lights up. Steven and I are both designers, raised and educated in a post Bauhaus world. To put it nicely, this tree isn't going to match our Braun tea kettle, or our Nelson lamps. Danbury might as well have tried to sell this tree to Frasier.

That being said, I'm not completely against sentiment in art, and I do like some of the pug paraphanalia out there. I found these tee-shirts which I think are great. They are much more my style. Robert Zakanitch's dog paintings are also wonderful.

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The evil scarf


One great thing about sewing for Shelby is that I rarely waste fabric. I usually have a bit of fabric left from school or personal sewing projects. They are typically too small to make anything, even a child's garmet. But there is rarely a piece too small for Shelby to wear. This scarf is a fine example of how little fabic it takes to piss Shelby off.

I'm kidding. Shelby likes this scarf as a toy. In fact, she saw more of the fabric sitting on my desk, and started whining because she couldn't reach it.

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A pug in lamb's clothing


I caught a cold on Saturday night, and had to relax and recooperate all day. I was really bored. So again, we have Shelby falling victim to my boredom. Here we have Shelby modelling a dog coat made of mock shearling fabric that looks oddly similar to her Lamiedoodle toy. I based the dog coat on Simplicity 8928, but added my own collar. I'm not terribly impressed with how the back of the coat fits Shelby, but she doesn't seem to mind wearing this jacket, which is good enough for me.

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Training techniques


Steven, Shelby, and I have been attending puppy training classes. Our homework was to teach Shelby a new trick using one of the techniques we learned in class: luring, capturing, or steering. Luring is the technique we use the most. Basically, we get Shelby to do something by having her follow a treat.

Capturing involves more vigilence on our part. We have to wait for Shelby to do something trick-like, and then reward her for it. I've been trying to capture her morning stretch, but she doesn't always do it, so this is taking a while.

The third and most interesting technique was steering. This is used with clicker training. As Shelby gets close to what I want her to do, I click and give her a treat. This leaves Shelby trying all sorts of things to figure out what behavior gets her the treat. I used this technique to teach her to fetch a basket.

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A heavy pug


Shelby loves sitting in my lap in the morning. However, she is also getting very big. Her last vet visit revealed that she is a whopping 20.3lbs, and she's not done growing. I read somewhere that a female pug averages around 14-16lbs. She's already 4lbs above average. When Shelby takes a nap in my lap, my leg falls asleep. I tried getting her to sleep in this chair. I put her bed in it, and set it next to me while I worked. We did this for a couple days, but Shelby doesn't feel secure in the chair. Oh well.

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