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Mountain lion sighting


I suppose that as more open space is developed, that I shouldn't be surprised at mountain lion sightings in our area. Alas, there was a sighting about a week and a half ago in our fair city. The lion fled when police arrived, and they are increasing patrols around the area, especially since the lion was spotted near an elementary school.

I can't say that I'm hoping to use this advice, but according to the police statement in the article I read, in case of a mountain lion sighting...
"Do not corner it and give the mountain lion a way to escape; do not run away from a lion. Running away may trigger the animal's prey drive and instinct to chase, police said. Stand, face the animal, maintain eye contact and try to make yourself appear larger by raising your arms. Wave arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice to convince the animal you are not prey, police said, adding that all sightings should be reported as soon as possible."

I guess we'll have to be more careful when walking Shelby. She is somewhat snack sized for a mountain lion. But then again, maybe Shelby has nothing to worry about, seeing as how between the three of us, I'm the slowest of the pack. Hmmmm.

And before anyone gets up in arms about the photo, it was all done by photoshop, mostly because we find the idea of Shelby's butt on our dinner plates just a little nauseating. I gave Shelby one of the photo props (tomato) which she really enjoyed.


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OMG I love your sense of humor. :) That's a GREAT photo! Yes, please do be on your guard, my sister-in-law's sister was killed by a mountain lion a couple years ago and it was really sad. Anyway, love the pic! :)

Posted by: Lauren | Nov 20, 2004 12:57:26 PM

I just wanted you to know I LOVE your site about your pug. I am getting a pug too before Christmas and I am so excited. Happy Holidays!

Posted by: Amanda | Nov 21, 2004 5:29:31 AM

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