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The gravy wars


Shelby has turned out to be quite a finicky dog. This is partially our fault, but that being said, sometimes I will add gravy for dogs into her dry food so that she will eat it. Here's a little comparison I made between two brands of gravy I found at the store. VitaGravy chicken flavor and Healthy Essentials cheese flavor. Not an exact comparison, since the flavors are different, but Vita Gravy doesn't have a cheese flavor, and Healthy Essentials doesn't have a chicken flavor...so I test only what I can get.

First up: Vita Gravy
This stuff looks pretty good to me. It looks like a blended chicken stew. I gave this to Shelby for a few meals in the evening when she is usually most hungry. The first few times, the gravy worked, and Shelby lapped it up. But now, she's lost interest, and walks away from the bowl just as if there were no gravy at all. It took about half a bottle for Shelby to get bored.

Second contender: Healthy Essentials
Shelby has had Healthy Essentials before, but a different flavor. This one claims to be good for skin and coat, and Shelby has never turned down cheese in her whole life, so I gave this a try. She's only had this flavor a few times, but she seems to like it. She usually skips breakfast, but when I added this gravy, she ate at least half. Not ideal, but not bad. Shelby has tried the Hip and Joint gravy as well, and she likes it.

Third contender: Gerber Beef Baby Food
Someone at puppy class recommended using baby food as a reward. So I bought a little jar at the store. It's probably a bit high calorie, butI figure it would be interesting to try. I mixed a generous teaspoon into Shelby's food. She scarfed it! She loves this stuff. In fact, she sees nothing else when the jar is out of the fridge. If I make a hand motion to "sit" she doesn't see it, because she's only looking at the jar. It was fun to watch, but I hope I haven't caused any behavioral problems because of this. I'm mentally picturing Shelby obsessively licking the food off a newborn's face. :P

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Two words: sweet potato. My pugs go insane for sweet potato baby food. I mix a teaspoon into my oldest pug's food. The younger two stalk the bowl and we've even had to break up a few fights. I like to use fruit or vegetable baby foods to supplement the meat in their food.

Posted by: Candice | Nov 29, 2004 4:27:21 PM

I can really relate to the finicky pup! Our Rosie is horrible when it comes to feeding time. We have, unfortunately, let her train us into what she will eat and not. I still (she is just over 10 mos. old) end up cooking extra meat, potatoes and mix low sodium broths with this and add her hard crunchy food to it.
I think being an 'only' pug family as opposed to a 'multi' pug family makes a difference. I have heard that when there are more, their interest increases because they have to compete for their food. Good luck!

Posted by: Chris | Nov 30, 2004 11:03:57 AM

you might also try olive oil. it sounds weird but dogs seem to love it and a small amount is good for their coat. another thing that always does it for my pug is lamb baby food. it's very easy on their system to digest and it adds some flavor to something they wouldn't normally eat.

Posted by: slg | Nov 30, 2004 3:14:20 PM

My husband jokes that our pug is spoiled since I don't cook breakfast on a daily basis for him, but I do for Buddha. I give him his tablespoon of shed stop mixed in a half cup of dry food and then I add to that a little of the canned Eukanuba small breed puppy food that I've heated in the microwave(for 15-17 seconds). One can lasts us a few days and he loves it. I've tried the Chicken baby food with success too.

Posted by: Melissa | Dec 4, 2004 9:09:46 PM

I have a 10 week old Pug named BELLA. She can also be finicky. She is on Solid Gold Puppy Food which I moisten with watered down evaporated milk, which she loves. She also loves small curd cottage cheese alone or mixed into the kibble and a small sprinkle on top of bagged shredded cheddar. Maybe this will work for you too. I use Solid Gold Kelp vitamins sprinkled on her scrambled eggs twice a week and the Solid Gold Regular vitamin powder mixed into the cottage cheese. I mix a half teaspoon of Dream Coat into the Kibble mix. She also loves stringbeans and carrots diced up. I keep the tiny cans on hand but will uses fresh if we have them for dinner. She loves stew so I leave out the onions and use garlic and low sodium chicken stock and round steak...the whole family loves it. I cook it for hours until it is very tender. I also buy a rotisserie chicken and chop up the meat into tiny pieces. This all works for us. Good Luck!

Posted by: Jeanne | Mar 21, 2006 12:42:08 PM

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