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A cold pug

It's been cold, and Shelby is quite fond of heat. Steven keeps a small heater under his desk to keep his feet warm, and Shelby sits there too, soaking up all the warmth she can. Sometimes Steven gets more heat, and sometimes Shelby shoves herself in there and steals all the heat. Here she is pondering how to get closer to the warmth. About a minute later, she was directly in front of the heater, and Steven's feet were left in the cold.

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That's a mouthful

I gave Shelby a pupcake that I bought from a local dog boutique. It was snacked sized for most dogs, but for Shelby, she really had to work at picking it up. This is the only time I've seen her carry something so big that her tongue didn't fit in her mouth. She carried this around the house for 20minutes before burying it in her bed, and then licking all the yogurt frosting off the top.

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Shelby's Christmas album

Shelby had a fantastic time on Christmas day. I'm sure it made up for all the harrassment in the days leading up to the big event. See how Shelby celebrated her first Christmas with us.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to all of Shelby's fans and friends.

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Santa's forlorn helper

Oh no. Shelby is not happy with this at all.

Not only am I busy with Christmas preparations resulting in less time to play with her, now she has to suffer this indignity. This is Shelby's first Christmas with us. Thus far, the experience has been "a series of unfortunate events" for her. There's a tree in the house, but she can't eat it. There's paper and boxes under the tree, and she can't eat those either. And there's been a lot of cleaning to prepare for guests, and she's getting chased by the vacuum.

But things are looking up for Shelby. She visited Steven's family today, and she is going to see my family tomorrow. I also baked gingerbread cookies. I had a cat cookie cutter and I curled the tail, trying to make it into a pug cookie.

Not terribly convincing, but Shelby didn't care. I broke off the tail and gave it to her.

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Pug in therapy

Steven snapped this picture of Shelby at our friend's place. I find the pug face so expressive. She had a great time today, but she sure looks like she's on a psychologist's couch, lamenting her horrible childhood, and blaming her parents for her emotional scars

...and we probably are to blame :)

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The boxing pug

Shelby is a lover, not a fighter. But I've noticed that when she is clearly "out dogged" by one of her playmates, Shelby plays dirty. I suppose since she is so small, she would have to play dirty to get by. Her technique consists of hiding under things until her playmate backs off, then popping out and boxing him in the face. Eventually, the bigger dog always wins, and Shelby ends up a slobbery mess from getting licked by her friend, but she holds her own pretty well for the first 10 mins.

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At school

Academy of Art University's automotive design department hosted an open house. Steven and I wanted to go, but hated the idea of leaving Shelby behind for the entire day. She can't be trusted in the car by herself. And the design department at the school will probably not want a pug running around.

So we bought a Sherpa bag and stuffed Shelby into it. She was none too happy about this, but we agreed that she would hate the alternative: moping around the house all day waiting for us to come home. I don't find the bag particularly cute, however its "unisex-iness" comes in handy when I need to hand Shelby to Steven because she is getting too heavy....which is pretty much instantly. 22lbs doesn't look or sound like that much, but it gets really heavy when you have to schlep her around the school.

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Shelby pulls some G's

Sometimes being small is just really difficult. Here we have Shelby, sitting peacfully in the back seat of the car, when we pulled a hard left turn. Shelby didn't enjoy it much.

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Poor Shelby pukes again

Poor Shelby. We walked downtown, and she insisted on tasting everything in her path. She was very hyper, and all the activity mixed with the eating caught up to her while I was giving her a bath. I think there's some blades of grass and fallen leaves in the mix.

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