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Sore paw

We went walking downtown, and Shelby twister her a nail on her right paw in a grate. Her nail bled a little bit, but recovered quickly, and since it didn't appear to bother her, we let her walk home. She was fine for about a day and a half, and then we noticed her favoring her right paw.

She got lots of treats that night because her normally forlorn looking face, just looks even more convincing when its coupled with a dangling paw. We asked her vet about it, who told us that its probably just sore, and if it bothers her in another few days, to make an appointment. In the meantime, he said it was OK to give Shelby up to 2 baby aspirins (81mg). The aspirin happens to be orange flavored, and Shelby really likes them.

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Ear infection checkup

Shelby went back to the vet for a check up on her ear infection. Much much better. There's still some yellow discharge in the ear, but her vet said that things are progressing nicely. We should be able to stop treatment in 10 days, after which she should get her ear cleaned every week, just to stay healthy. They also told us, in all likelihood, this will not be her last ear infection, since it's quite common.

While we were waiting for the vet to see us, Steven explained to Shelby the inner workings of her ear. The dark red tube is the ear canal. Steven was explaining that because the canal has a bend in it, there is a natural stop fo a cotton swab to stop before hitting the ear drum. Shelby lost interest quickly, but I thought it was very helpful.

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Waiting for Steven

About twice a week, I need to leave the home office, and go to a real office. Steven usually stays with Shelby on these days and he says that all Shelby does is mope around, waiting for me to come back. He didn't believe me when I told him that Shelby gets upset when he leaves too.

He went to a dinner and presentation, and stayed late. I went to bed, and usually Shelby follows, but not this time. She sat by her doggie gate waiting for her other human to come home. I took a photo as proof.

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Ear cleaning

Due to Shelby's ear infection, she needs a good ear cleaning every 2 days, and ear ointment twice a day. The ear ointment is pretty easy, because it can be applied by finger, and for some reason she doesn't mind fingers in her ears.

The ear cleaner is a bigger adventure. It requires cotton balls and cotton swabs in her ears. She really hates cotton swabs, especially now that her ears are a little tender. It's a two person job, with Steven doing the cleaning, and me making sure Shelby doesn't run off.

This is a photo of Steven and I trying to keep Shelby from shaking the liquid ear cleaner out of her ears.

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Chipped nail

We went downtown for a walk, and on the way back, Steven felt a jerk on the leash. It turns out Shelby hurt one of the nails on her front paw. We think she did this by pivoting on them while walking on a grate. There was a little bit of blood on her front nail, but she carried on without favoring that foot. By the time we got home, her foot looked perfectly fine.

We thought it would be good to wash her paw, and take a closer inspection. Aside from a little roughness on the inside curve of 2 nails, everything looks fine, and there's no more bleeding. The photo shows Steven trying to get Shelby to sit still so he can clean her paw.

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Ear infection

Shelby's right ear had brown discharge in it, and so Steven took her to the vet. We were afraid it would be ear mites, so I stayed home and washed all of Shelby's toys and bedding. I did some research online, and it turns out that there's all sorts of things that brown discharge in the ear could indicate, including food allergies. $150 later, it turns out that Shelby has a yeast infection in her right ear, probably due to excess water in the ear canal. It's quite swollen, but she can hear. We just need to apply cleaner every 2 days and an ointment twice a day. She's a little squirrely when people try to handle her ears, so the following days should prove to be...interesting.

This is how her ear looked after she came back from the vet. Not so bad really, but this photo is not very good a showing the redness. And it looks a lot better when there's no brown gunk all over the place.

This infection was probably slow in coming, and I just never saw the signs. Shelby hardly ever scratched at it, so I assumed it didn't bother her much. Shelby's ears were always a little dirty, just from being a messy puppy, so I didn't really notice that one ear was producing more discharge until she had to stay inside for a few days because of the rain. It was then that I noticed that her left ear was pretty clean, but her right ear was a brown mess.

Steven and I have both noticed that she's not much of a complainer, which is good in certain ways, and bad in others (when something is actually wrong). So we'll just have to watch her a little closer.

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Benefits of a curly tail

When Shelby has lot of energy (but I don't) her curly tail comes in really handy.

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Alll tucked in

Shelby is not allowed to lay on our bed, unless she is invited, and we have set down a towel for her. This way, she doesn't get our comforter smelly or hairy. It's nice to take an occasional nap with Shelby, esepcially since watching her fall asleep, helps me fall asleep.

I was feeling a bit tired, and went to join Steven for an afternoon nap, when I found this scandalous situation. Not only is she on the bed, but she's tucked in too!

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The kettle corn incident

It's been raining a lot recently, and we saw a brief break in the storm. This would be Shelby's only chance in 4 days to go outside and get in some good exercise and bush sniffing. We walked to our favorite bakery / pastry shop, adjacent to the Farmer's Market. Steven and I had plans to visit some friends later that evening, so I went to buy some kettle corn at the market to bring as a gift for their kids. As you can see from the photo, we had an incident. Steven opened the bag for a brief moment, and Shelby pulled on her leash at that same moment. As far as Shelby was concerned, this was nothing short of a miracle. It's raining kettle corn. What more could a simple pug ask for?

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Racing pug

Since Shelby is a pug, racing cars has never been one of her first loves, but Steven definitely loves it. So when we saw this push pedal car at a friend's house, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take this photo.

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