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Handling junk mail

I got yet another mailer from the Danbury Mint about a pug collector's plate. Good greif, do they never give up? I showed it to Shelby to get her opinion. She thought it was tasty.

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Her chicken

Shelby has a deep love of the cooking process. Mostly because this is the best time to beg for scraps. We rarely give her anything from the table, but she does get a healthy scrap or two while we are preparing food. Here she is waiting for what she hopes is "her chicken patty." Not so, little pug. Not so.

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New hat

Steven went to a corporate meeting, and came back with a limited edition hat that he had convinced the company to give him for free if Shelby wore it on the Web site. I'm not sure if he inflated the number of Shelby's  fans in order to get this hat, but from my experience in the Web industry, I would not be terribly surprised. It is a very nice hat. Our friend Eric Swan started the company "splunk". It's a product aimed at helping IT guys track what's going on with their systems. How Steven managed to convince them that a pug site was a good place to put their hat is beyond me, but Steven can be quite charming, and Shelby is quite accommodating.

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Steven the hero

I just love her sweet face, and I appreciate it more right now because today, another dog tried to bite it off. Well perhaps I exaggerate, but it was the first of this type of encounter we've ever had to deal with.

Steven and I went for our usual walk with Shelby, and around the corner, we saw a family in their front yard. Father was working, the kids were playing, and their chained up dog was barking and jumping....a lot. We were on the other side of the street so it was hard to tell if it was excitement, aggression, or fear that was motivating the dog. I shortened Shelby's leash so there would be little chance of her unintentionally egging on the dog, however when we rounded the corner, the barking and jumping increased and the chain broke. The next thing I know, there is a rather pissed off looking dog charging Shelby; the children and the father were in hot pursuit. I pulled Shelby away from the dog, while Steven grabbed the broken chain and pulled hard. The dog was still trying to charge. Shelby held her ground. The father yelled at the dog to stop, and held it back by the chest. The child came over to see if Shelby was OK.

And yes, Shelby is fine. Physically, and emotionally it was as if nothing had happened. I'm not sure what she thought of the incident, but in the past, her reaction to angry dogs has been to wag her tail and want to play. She's a bit too sweet sometimes.

And for certain, Shelby doesn't realize that Steven saved the day. But I saw the whole thing. He was fast, and composed. When I was too stunned to speak, he was yelling at the dog to stop. The broken chain cut into his hands as he was pulling the dog away from Shelby. So even though today was slightly dramatic, I am reminded that I not only have an awesome pug, but an even more awesome man. Three cheers for Steven!

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Big big collar

While we were in Carmel, it occurred to Steven that maybe Shelby is big enough to attach her lead to her collar instead of a harness. While I like harnesses because it takes the stress off the neck, I also find that Shelby pulls a lot more simply because she can.

So we tried on some collars at Diggity Dog. We looked for a collar that would be wide enough and slightly padded so that if she pulls, it will distribute the tension. While shopping, Steven remarked how well behaved Shelby was in the store. She was not pulling on the lead at all. That's because sometime between fittings Shelby had managed to escape and was flirting with the staff behind the counter. Luckily she headed for the staff, and not the treat buckets, otherwise, we would've had to leave her there to wash dishes until she paid for her treats.

We found this big fat fleece lined collar by Planet Dog. It looks ridiculously big on her, even after I took 4 inches out of the circumfrence. But it won't cut into her neck, so I guess looking a little big is OK. We'll just have to have a witty answer ready when people ask if she's got whiplash.

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Out for a walk

While we were out for a walk, we came across a patch of asphalt that was covered in flower petals. We thought Shelby would really like the smell. But she only displayed mild interest. She much preferred the signposts where other dogs had peed.

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Meet the cat

The neighbor's cat dropped by yesterday unannounced, and I guess this really disturbed Shelby. They've met once once before on neutral territory, and Shelby, in her exhuberance chased him underneath Steven's car.

Cats baffle Shelby. They don't have any of the body language of dogs, and so Shelby is confused as to how to approach them. We've come across several cats while we are out on walks, and all Shelby does is stare, waiting for the cat to respond.

Not this time. I'm not sure what Shelby would've done if we opened the door. Most likely, she would try to sniff the cat's rear.

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Seeking a lap

Shelby is a lap dog after all. A big, heavy, cut-off-your-circulation lap dog. When I'm trying to work, she sometimes puts her paws on my lap. This is her way of asking if it's OK to sit there. This particular time, she cracked me up, since she looked so desperate. As if the fate of the world depended on her ability to sit in my lap.

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Valentine's Day, one year ago

Last year for Valentine's Day, Shelby was with us for 1 week. Steven was in the throws of housetraining her, and while he hadn't lost his patience yet, he was getting close. I was blissfully working in San Francisco, and was not privvy to the chaos in the house. And so for Valentine's Day, I treated Steven to a nice dinner for being such a great guy.

Steven had bought me a box of chocolate covered strawberries, with a home made card featuring our very own Shelby. I laughed so hard when I saw it. As you can see from the artist's interpretation, her life was very much about poop and pee.

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Goodby Rufus

Shelby mangled Rufus. He was never meant to be a dog toy, so he just wasn't tough enough. After ripping him open, she dined on his stuffing. I had to chase her around to keep her from eating it, but she was too fast. I suspect I will be seeing bits of Rufus in a couple days in her litter box.

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