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Shelby, being the only dog in a house with no children thinks that all stuffed items with eyes are dog toys. I bought this stuffed inchworm for  my friend's newborn baby. Because this inchworm rattles and squeaks, Shelby thinks it's for her. I'm simply being mean by keeping it from her. She's been pacing around the table, and whimpering, probably because she's frustrated she can't reach it. Steven took pity on her, and picked her up for an introduction.

As you can see, Shelby tried to lick it. We pulled her away, since our friend would probably not appreciate a worm with dog slobber on it. Poor Shelby. We fed her some treats, and that will make her forget for a little while, but she'll come back and pine for the worm. She doesn't forget that easily.

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Holding a lead

A friend of ours dropped by the other day and showed us the proper way to hold a lead so  the next time Shelby bolts for a squirrel, she won't get away. She doesn't look terribly thrilled about it in the photo, but it's for her safety.

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Somehow it never fails, that if I scratch her on the side of the mouth, she yawns.

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A most fearsome rabbit

I was bored on Friday, and had a few hours to kill, and the result is this terribly embarrassing rabbit outfit for Shelby. She actually doesn't mind wearing this outfit. It fits her, and keeps her warm. But as it turns out. Steven prefers his bunnies with erect ears.

To celebrate Easter, Steven, Shelby, and I went to his brother's place and we had a wonderful dinner with the entier family. Shelby was very well behaved until it came time to pack up. For reasons to lengthy and boring to describe here, the brothers needed to move the outdoor grill to a the truck. As they started rolling the grill, Shelby, sensing something out of the ordinary, charged into the yard and started barking at them. I must say, there is something especially fearsome about a barking pug in a rabbit outfit.

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The fire truck

There was an awful lot of ruckus today. A fire engine, police car, and ambulance showed up across the street, to take someone to the hospital. Sirens and lights drive Shelby nuts. She runs around barking, and then sits and waits by the door for them to ring the doorbell. I haven't bothered to correct this behavior because I think I'd like her to make herself known if anything goes wrong in the house, and she needs rescuing.

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Looking pugly

I am not exactly sure when Shelby started looking less like a puppy, and started to look more like Eric Cartman.

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How to eat a dandelion

An unusually serene photo of Shelby, prior to the destruction that is to follow.

As she often does, Shelby tastes things before swallowing them. I'm guessing that in the wild, this prevents the little scavengers from eating something that is rotten or poisonous. This is quite remarkable, considering this same little dog likes to eat cardboard boxes.

And then the devouring. As is the case with all other tasty morsels, Shelby doesn't "waste" time chewing.

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Shelbypug.com has been nominated for a photobloggie. Neat! I'm still amazed that anyone likes looking at silly photos of my dog, so this comes as a really pleasant surprise. Thanks to all of Shelbypug.com's wonderful readers for nominating the site :)

For those of you who are new to the site, here are some of my favorite Shelby moments, thus far...


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Roomba gets a flat

Let me start by saying that I believe Shelby to be an innocent bystander in this incident. I set Roomba loose in the kitchen, and left to tidy up other areas in the house. Shelby followed me around for the most part and then disappeared. Shortly after, I found her in the kitchen watching Roomba burnish crop circles in the wood floor. What went wrong?

As it turns out, Roomba blew a tire, but the other tire was still going strong and sending the robot in circles. And wouldn't you know it. The warranty was up. I visited irobot.com to see if I could order replacement wheels.

Not only were they already aware of the problem, but they would ship the replacement tire free of charge, including shipping. Everything was available online. All I had to do was provide shipping information. Perfect!

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Sense-ible Harness Review

About a month ago, Steven and I bought Shelby a collar in the hopes that it would help train her to be more tolerable on lead. Having grown up with a harness, Shelby learned to pull, because she could. We've tried several harnesses on her: the traditional adjustable harness, the step-in harness, and the Holt no-tug harness. The first two, were not meant to prevent pulling, and of course, Shelby pulled. So I bought the no-tug harness, but Shelby still pulled. So then we tried the big big collar, but Shelby still pulled.

And so my last options were to either live with the embarassment of having my dog walk me, or try the Sense-ible harness.

I ordered a small Sense-ible harness from www.softouchconcepts.com. The harness is unusual in that it attaches to the lead from the front.

Fit is very important for this harness. It has to be snug but not so tight that it rubs. I spent about 10 minutes as Shelby patiently waited for me to adjust the harness, before I realized I had put it on her upside down (Ugh) and had to start over. Again, Shelby waited while I adjusted the straps. (This time, successfully.)

We've only gone on a few walks with the harness, but thus far, I am pleased with the result. Shelby's pulling has dropped dramatically, starting with the first use. This is because if she pulls very hard, the harness forces her to turn, which doesn't get her to where she wants. And it's extremely easy to pull Shelby forward if she is lagging behind, usually to smell something stinky. I must admit that it is sometimes a bit awkward having the lead attach to the front of harness. When Shelby steps over the lead, we have to stop to fix it before continuing our walk. For this reason, I prefer using it with a reatractable lead. (No slack means Shelby doesn't step over the lead.) The upside is that I don't have to exert much force to get Shelby to behave or to steer her on lead. I figure that it's a worthwhile trade off. And since there's little stress on Shelby's collar, I don't need to be as concerned about her injuring herself. She's still not very good on lead, but she's getting better, and at least I won't accidentally hurt her while she's learning to walk on a leash. I  short, more control with less exertion.

I took a little video of me walking Shelby with the new harness. It shows her being “reasonable” on lead, as well as what it looks like when I pull her away from something. View the video.

Some notes about the harness. It costs about $22.00 after taxes, shipping and handling. It's not meant for anything except for walking and training. Not running, not for tie-outs, not for restraining in the car. It can be used for training. Fit is very important, so measure carefully. Shelby was a small, bordering on medium. To minimize the possibility of chafing in her armpits, I'll probably sew a little piece of fleece to the bottom strap.

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