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The fire truck

There was an awful lot of ruckus today. A fire engine, police car, and ambulance showed up across the street, to take someone to the hospital. Sirens and lights drive Shelby nuts. She runs around barking, and then sits and waits by the door for them to ring the doorbell. I haven't bothered to correct this behavior because I think I'd like her to make herself known if anything goes wrong in the house, and she needs rescuing.

March 25, 2005 | Permalink


It's good that she kicks up a fuss when she hears sirens, but if you're still worried, I found some window clings at http://www.sundogsdecals.com/ that you can put on windows and doors to alert emergency personnel. They're breed specific (they even have black pugs - which AMAZED me) so the emergency workers know what to look for.

Of course, I also has to get some of the "My pug is smarter than your honor student" ones for my Jeep. For safety purposes. Yeah, that's it. Safety purposes.

Posted by: Sasha's Mommy | Mar 25, 2005 8:04:38 AM

Pugs are so similar! We call our girl "The Queen of the Street" because she gets up on her stool in front of the window and "surveys her queendom"! If she catches something moving out of the tiny window at the top of the front door she alerts us (and the neighbours). She is so protective of our family!
Love your website - I check it often for updates! I voted! ;-)

Posted by: Chris | Mar 28, 2005 10:32:21 AM

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