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Evidence of a bad girl

Look at this face. Does this look like a guilty puppy to you?

Shelby went through a little adjustment period while I was away. Besides showing a lackluster interest in her walks, she has also decided it's a good idea to expand her chew toy variety. She got a hold of the TV remote, chewed it, and left it rather demonstratively in the middle of the floor.

Somedays, she's lucky she's cute.

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Wet dog

Shelby saw a stray cat in our yard, and was in the mood to defend her territory, so she kept Steven company while he was out there cleaning. I was tidying up the upstairs when Shelby ran in, soaking wet, and with a happy look on her face.

She was muddy from playing in the yard, and while Steven was spraying off the deck, she got underneath the stream. She had tracked muddy paw prints all over the carpet on the way upstrairs. I propped her up on the sink to dry her off.

And she enjoyed a drink, while I washed off her paws.

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A fur problem

Shedding season is upon us, leaving me quite frustrated with how Shelby is leaving her coat all over the house. I've always been curious as to whether or not this would work.

As it turns out, I don't think I netted nearly as much hair as I expected.

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Winnie's home

I've been at my new job for 2 weeks now, and Shelby has learned what it means when Steven says "Winnie's home." Steven recorded what happens.

She recognizes the phrase wherever we are. When Steven picks me up from BART, she reacts the same, except in that case, she's running in circles in the truck.

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Shelby's horoscope

I can't remember what made me think of looking up Shelby's horoscope, but I did, and was amused to find that there are online pet astrologists. I should be surprised, but alas, there's very little on the Web that surprises me anymore. And as the keeper of a weblog completely devoted the adventures of her pug, I am as guilty as the rest for increasing the weird factor on the Web.

According to Shelby's horoscope (Sagittarius) she's going to be lazy this month. Thus far, this is proving to be true. Steven has taken her for a 2 mile walk ever other day. This distance was easily accomplished as a puppy, but now Shelby lags a few feet behind Steven, as if she's just not really into it. Perhaps she would rather nap or sunbathe.

I decided to get a second opinion, and found another horoscope on The Onion. According to  their resident astrologer, Lloyd Schumner Sr., Shelby, being smaller than a beagle, doesn't count. Even worse, apparently, I am to die of uranium poisoning.

Perhaps a third opinion is in order. :)

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What to do about that stinky hoof

Shelby really likes calf hoofs to chew on. At 85 cents each, they're the cheapest chew toy at the pet store, and she just loves them. However, I am not as big a fan. They smell bad and Shelby likes to drag it around the house, and chew them near me, so that I can't escape the smell. Gross. For a little while, we didn't buy them anymore because we didn't want the house to smell like a barn.

So the solution that we came up with was to drill a hole in the hoof, and tie it to her crate. We are pleased, and Shelby is pleased.

Be very careful drilling the hole. Clamping down the hoof is a good idea so that it doesn't spin out of control.

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A pug day of our very own

The second Sunday of every month is the Dublin pug meetup. Shelby got a last minute invitation, and since she was feeling better, we drove there so that she could have some fun.

As usual, Shelby gets rolled by smaller pugs.

This is the first time I've been at the dog park where there were so many pugs it was hard to keep track of Shelby. Here she is, meeting a new pug.

3 pugs (including Shelby) vie for Steven's lap and attention. It's really easy to get swarmed by a pack of happy snorting pugs at events like these.

This little dog was the only dog that could reliably get Shelby to chase her. Which was great because she really needs to exercise. Click here to view the video.

And of course, all that activity is good for regularity. Steven took care of Shelby's deposit.

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This leaf doesn't taste so good

Sometimes I leave the screen door to the balcony open so that Shelby can bask in the sun and listen to birds. We must have had some wind last night because there were a bunch of green leaves that had blown on the balcony, and Shelby decided to try one. Not good. The leaf didn't agree with her. Before I knew it, there was a little patch of yellow pug barf on her bed, which dripped to the carpet.

Well, better out than in. The little green part is the leaf.

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Pillow case

Steven and I were taking the sheets off the bed for laundry, and Shelby got a little too curious.

But she managed to escape.

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Get a real job

This marks the first week where I have started a full time job, where I have to show up at a real office (with a real commute). This also means that this is really the first time since Shelby was a puppy, where I won't be around. Despite having Steven's company all day, this is the sorrowful little face I come home to.

The office does allow dogs, so Steven came to visit me and brought Shelby along.

She was quite popular, and managed to convince a few people to give her treats.
At some point, she was wandering the halls looking for Steven. To keep her from wandering, I tied her to my chair, but she quickly tangled up the lead. I find that Shelby lacks the discipline and focus for me to bring her daily, but perhaps she can visit me occassionally. She's still quite the puppy sometimes.

This little underbite smile is a new facial expression for her. It's quite amusing to me.

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