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It's getting pretty hot. On our last trip to the park, Steven fed Shelby an ice cube, and rubbed water on her tummy to cool her down. We'r timing our trips to the dog park around the weather, so that Shelby can run around without overheating. It helps that our Pug Sunday is moving to 11am instead of 3pm for the summer months.

When she was a puppy, she was more tolerant of hot weather. I notice that nowadays, she more quick to panting. Must be horrible wearing a fur coat in the summer. Although, as usual, she's aggressively trying to lose that fur.

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Socks are one of Shelby's favorite things. Steven decided to clean out all the worn out socks from the closet, and we gave them to Shelby to play with. Here she is, sitting on her bed, shortly after we dumped about 30 pairs of socks on her head.

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Mocking Shelby

Shelby respects Steven, but as demonstrated in this photo, Steven only somewhat respects Shelby. Puppy and daddy moments like this really crack me up.

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The circle of butt sniffing

Evidence of the circle of butt-sniffing that occurs whenever these pugs get together. It's almost like a merry-go-round.

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Pug Sunday

We brought Shelby out to Dublin Pug Sunday, and she had a great ole time. Which is good, because the previous day, Shelby had been incessantly harrassed by a little terrier, who showed far too much interest in Shelby's butt. The instant I sat down, Shelby jumped onto me, and started climbing up to my shoulders to get away from the other dog Poor Shelby. I keep hoping that she will eventually learn how to stand up for herself. The terrier was 1/3 Shelby's size, and she just kept running away. The other owner was so embarrassed, but couldn't manage to catch the wily little guy. That's why it was nice to see her getting along so well with the other dogs on Sunday.

Shelby's in the green collar, sniffing a little dog who is quite new to dog parks. Shelby's quite gentle, and tends to seek out the quieter dogs for a nice meet and greet.

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More on dental care

While Shelby was at the vet getting her lump checked out, Steven asked about dental care. Our thinking was that if Shelby had to be anesthetized for some other procedure, that we might as well get her teeth cleaned as well. Despite the numerous Greenies, chew toys, brushings, and flossy rope (shown above) she still has tartar buildup near her gumline.

The vet said that Shelby is probably good for another 6 months before she needs her teeth professionally cleaned.

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We found a lump on Shelby, and while this worried us, it didn't seem to to affecting Shelby at all. We tried to think of possible causes. She did hurt her leg a couple days prior, but she walked that off, and has been fine since then. Perhaps it was bruising? I had also given her a greenie the day before. Maybe Shelby swallowed part of it?

Steven took her to the vet, and she told us that sometimes dogs will have a reaction to the rabies booster. She instructed us to watch it for a month, and if it's still there, to bring Shelby back. No worries. She also mentioned that had it actually been someething lodged in Shelby's digestive track (i.e. Shelby eats something stupid) that we would feel it lower, more towards her belly.

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In case of emergency

I got this sticker from Dog Wyld, our local dog boutique. It seems like a pretty good idea. But I wonder if firemen would really enter a burning house to save a pet. Has anyone had any experiences where a sticker like this worked?

Steven wouldn't let me stick it on the window because it did not include a checkbox for humans...namely, him.

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The Furminator

Shelby's shedding is driving us nuts, so I looked up the closest groomers who use the Furminator process, which promises 60% less shedding. Aussie Pet Mobile was the closest one, and they actually drive up to our door with their trailer, and groom the dog there. I called them twice, and got two very helpful, friendly people on the other end to answer my questions.

1. Does Furminator work well on short haired dogs?
2. How long does it take?
3. How long do the results last?
4. How do you get clean water into the trailer?

To begin, the Furminator does apparently work on shirt haired dogs. It's a special shampoo, conditioner, and lot of elbow grease to brush and scrub all the loose hair off of the dog. I think that if your dog has an undercoat, that there might be some trimming of the undercoat, but they didn't do that to Shelby.

It takes about 1 hour, and because hairgrowth has a relatively long cycle, they informed me that we might need to Furminate her again in 4-6 weeks for longer lasting results. But it really depends on where she is in her hair growth. For the record, Shelby was 2 weeks into her molting period.

Since it's a trailer, they basically drive up to your house, plug into your outdoor electric outlet, and hookup to the outside hose. The heater on the trailer warms up the water.

I booked an appointment, and was lucky that they were able to come the very next day, though in some cases it might be up to a week. Shelby's never been groomed by a professional before, so this should be an interesting event for all of us.

I was away at work, so Steven was nice enough to take pictures of the process. There were a selection of muzzles on board for unruly dogs that didn't want to be groomed, but I was told that Shelby was very good, and she and the groomer got along great. Which is good, because Shelby can't wear a muzzle anyway — no nose.

It started with a lot of brushing, and then an ear cleaning.

Followed by a bath with Furminator shampoo and conditioner.

And then a vigourous blow dry to blast the loose hair off of her.

There was a lot of loose hair. Steven tells me that this is only half of it. The groomer blew the rest of it off the grooming table with the dryer.

At some point, Shelby realized Steven had gone inside the house. She peeked out the trailer window to look for him.

Shelby got a treat afterwards, and she proceeded to walk around with it in her mouth, giving the groomer a good laugh.

They told us that for the first 24 hours to expect shedding to continue, but that it should dramatically reduce after that. Despite being very excited about trying out the Furminator, I tried to keep my expectations low because we wouldn't see the full effects immediately. But I must say, that I did notice an immediate difference. I was wearing a black jacket when I gave Shelby a big hug, and miraculously, it was still a black jacket after the hug. She looked great, and she smelled so nice too! The smell lasted about 2 days, and the shedding was much less severe for about 3-4 days. After that, Shelby's coat was back to her old ways. The shedding was something between her light shedding phase, and her heavy molting phase. They did tell us that it takes 2 treatments to really get the full hair growth cycle, and keep in mind, Shelby was in her full "drive us nuts" shedding phase when we did this.

We paid full price, $70.00 for a Shelby-sized dog, which is quite hefty for us, considering that a bath usually costs as much as a handful of shampoo. Steven and I were really impressed with Aussie Mobile Pet Grooming. They were really friendly and knowledgable, and I can't say that every business that operates out of a trailer is so professional. :) As for the Furminator, I was really hoping the effects would last a bit longer. However, we will have to do this again in about 4-6 weeks for a proper evaluation, so please check back then.

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A little chubby

After the vet assistant had documented Shelby's temperature, we waited in the room for the vet to arrive. And besides poking around all the little models of different dog diseases, we noticed that on the bottom of the computer screen with Shelby's info, was this message.

Uh oh. Why is there an obesity alert on Shelby's file? When we weighed her, she did gain 1 pound since her last visit despite her increased exercise regimen.

We asked the vet about this, and he was very nice and understanding, however he did officially say that Shelby was "chubby" and that fewer calories couldn't hurt. So maybe Shelby gets a bit less kibble, a bit more exercise, and I guess we have to stop giving her ribs. But the real reason for the visit was for her rabies booster, and kennel cough vaccination.

Here she is in the arms of the vet assistant, getting her rabies booster. She was a champ and rarely puts up a fight when it comes to shots.

Afterwards, Steven took her to the grooming area to get her nails trimmed, where she put up a bigger fight than usual. Apparently, she was still not as bad as most pugs that come to this location. That didn't make Steven feel any better, because he was covered in fur by the time the ordeal was over.

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