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Watching workers

We had workers in the yard recently, and Shelby spent a good part of the day watching and barking at them.

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Bed time

Shelby was acting a bit odd the other night. Instead of going to bed, she sat in her crate. Steven tried coaxing her out, and told her that it was time for bed. But she stayed right where she was until I started drying my hair. That's when she ran in to see what was going on.

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Trail of bones

Well this was highly strange. While we were getting ready for bed, Shelby was playing near her crate and bed. Lo and behold, she managed to leave a trail of her bones, sorted from smallest to largest. I've labeled them in the photo. 1 is the smallest, and the biggest is on Shelby's bed.

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Eat your veggies

Shelby likes her veggies. Sometimes when I get to the core of a large leafy vegetable, the heart reminds me of Shelby. This is probably because the vegetable looks sized for her. And of course, I feed them to her just to see if she'll eat it. Thus far, there are very few veggies that Shelby won't eat, including this bok choy. Although curiously enough, her favorite seems to be broccoli.

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Working from home

Last week, I got the rare opportunity to work from home like I used to. I must admit, it can be hard to focus when Shelby looks so small and forlorn, waiting for a chance to play with me.

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Catching scraps

We were at a family gathering, and Shelby was invited. I took this photo while I was sitting on a bar chair in the kitchen. She shamelessly sat there waiting for food instead of playing with the children. She's eyeing a piece of beef on my brother-in-law's plate.

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Her favorite toy

It suprises me that after all this time, the frog is still her favorite toy. Steven was unloading her toys from the dryer, and Shelby ran off with with a the freshly laundered frog and settled into a patch of sun for a nap with her favorite toy.

Then a couple days later, I find her in her bed again, with her frog, this time under her chin. Shel slept with the little frog all night.

I guess I'll have to find yet another frog when this one falls apart. This is already Shelby's second frog, a gift at Christmas, after her first frog was beyond repair.

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Earthquakes and Pet ID

We've had some earthquake activity. There was a tsunami alert for a little while due to a big earthquake off the coast of Oregon. Luckily nothing happened, but Steven had the good idea to keep Shelby's tags on her during this time in case she gets separated from us in an emergency. This particular tag we ordered from Boomerang Tags. Shelby has two. A metal collar tag, and a plastic one. They are both very nice. The collar tag sits flush with the collar, and the plastic one can have information on both sides, which is enough to contain all her identification information. This means no jingling!

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Meat mat

We had rib roast for dinner, and Steven gave Shelby one of the bones. Normally we hold it for her so that she doesn't end up dragging it all over the house, smearing meat juice all over the carpet. This time Steven came up with the idea of the Meat Mat — a towel that Shelby has to stay on if she wants to keep gnawing on the bone. Normally, Shelby doesn't get to hop onto furniture or the bed unless she is invited into someone's lap, or there is a towel set down for her. I suppose the only reason that she took to the Meat Mat concept so readily was that she already knows that a towel = boundaries. In any case, it worked! Shelby stayed on the mat, and had a good hour with this bone.

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What's wrong with Shelby?

Shelby has a rash on her belly. We thought that maybe she laid in something that she is allergic to while at the dog park. But really, we're guessing. Steven and I aren't sure what triggered the rash. Looking up causes of rashes on the Web, I discovered that there's a whole lot of stuff that can be associated with a rash — most of them totally disgusting.

The odd thing is that the rash does not appear to be bothering Shelby. She's not trying to scratch the area. And there's been no change in her behavior. I've mentioned before that she's not a complainer. This is one of those times where if she was, it would be easier to figure out what's going on.

So Steven took Shelby to the vet. He had to leave her there because they needed a urine sample. I really wasn't sure how they were going to get this, and when Steven explained, I wished he hadn't. :P

Unfortunately, our little Shelby has a staph infection, the vet suspects the dog park as the source, but the bacteria is quite common, and in times of low resistence (such as allergy) an infection can take hold. So it's quite possible that Shelby was allergic to something, and that made her susceptable. He wasn't sure what was causing the rash, so he prescribed an anti-microbial cream. The vet visit cost us 230.00 with medicines (ouch).

This pretty much means that we've spent our Furminator review part 2 money on vet bills instead. Which is fine because I want Shelby to get better. This week at the dog park, the pug meet was going to have a pool for the little doggies to play in. Poor Shelby's just going to miss out.

Her rash is looking much better, and she's almost done with her antibiotics. So in about a week, she should be out and about again.

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