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Meat mat

We had rib roast for dinner, and Steven gave Shelby one of the bones. Normally we hold it for her so that she doesn't end up dragging it all over the house, smearing meat juice all over the carpet. This time Steven came up with the idea of the Meat Mat — a towel that Shelby has to stay on if she wants to keep gnawing on the bone. Normally, Shelby doesn't get to hop onto furniture or the bed unless she is invited into someone's lap, or there is a towel set down for her. I suppose the only reason that she took to the Meat Mat concept so readily was that she already knows that a towel = boundaries. In any case, it worked! Shelby stayed on the mat, and had a good hour with this bone.

June 13, 2005 | Permalink


Hi there, your Shelby looks sooo adorable, I enjoy watching her video clips so much because she just act exactly like my pug. I just got Pugsley six months ago and he's so energetic. Just wondering if you lock Shelby into the cage before you go to work and if not, when is the appropriate time to leave Pugsley by himself without the cage? Because everytime I put him into the cage, I feel sooo guilty, but at the same time I think it's the safetest way for him. Thanks a lot.


Posted by: Christina | Jun 14, 2005 8:13:25 PM

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