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A very naughty gardening pug

I was working away on my computer, and I turned around to find that Shelby has torn apart one of the herb seed packets that I purchased at the nursery, leaving sage seeds all over the carpet.

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A gardening pug

I brought Shelby with me to the plant nursery so that I could buy some herb seeds. She had a great time. Being the only dog there, lots of people gave her a sweet smile and a nice pat on the head. Here she is next to some of the beautiful landscaping surrounding the nursery building.

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A very hot weekend

We took Shelby out for a walk in the morning, and we didn't make it back in time to beat the heat. Poor Shelby. It's 100º and she's got ashort nose and a fur coat. We gave her lots of water along the way. We took the shady path home. And we let her call the shots as far as where she was going to take a break. Here she is clowning around in a cool patch of lawn. We're pretty close to home by the time I took this picture, and we gave her a bunch of ice cubes in her water, wiped her down with a cool rag, and let her rest on the bed while I fanned her.

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Shelby was sitting on my desk looking out the window when I noticed that her eye looked a little swollen. Poor Shelby! My eye looks the same way when my allergies kick up. We rinsed out her eye, and let her rest. It's really not as bad as the photo makes it look. She can open her eye all the way, however, she decided to put on a show of patheticness for this particular photo. Shelby didn't scratch at it, so we didn't put the cone on her. It cleared up the next day.

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Again with the Curtain?

Steven snapped this photo the other day. This was probably her solution for sleeping in the sun while facing Steven.

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I ordered a bunch of tiny terra cotta pots as party favors. They all came with price tags on them, so I had to take them all off. All 120 of them. :(
Shelby kept me company, occassionally, she suffered a price sticker on her forehead for her loyalty.

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A beach visit

Shelby had a good time at the beach last week. The beaches here are quite cold, and I typically don't stay for more than 30 minutes. That is — unless I'm with Shelby. There's something about watching a happy pug in the sand that brings new vitality to the entire experience.

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Where is Shelby?

The other day, Steven and I were wondering where Shelby went. For some reason, she was behind this curtain. Maybe she saw something outside, and was watching it through the window.

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Her paparazzi

This is what happens when Shelby doesn't cooperate with her paparazzi (that would be me). Though she is quite tolerant of photos most of the time.

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An Independence Day weekend swim

We went to Steven's brother's house for some swimming and BBQ. Steven's family has always welcomed Shelby, and so we dressed Shelby in her life jacket for the pool.  We didn't want Shelby commandeering stuffed toys from the children's rooms, so we also brought her rooster.

Because of her serious little face, it's sometimes hard to figure out if she's having a good time. But if you look carefully, she does appear to initiate the swim herself, and I think I caught a hint of a tail wag.

We also learned that Shelby can get by without the life jacket, though it looks easier for her to swim with it on.

As for the fireworks, Shelby seems to handle them quite well provided that they do not hurt her ears. When she was a puppy, we brought her to a fireworks show in the hopes that she would learn what they were, and not be scared of them. Several other puppies were there, their people probably had the same idea we did. Shelby was having a great time, until the first fireworks went off, after which I spent the entire time covering her ears while she trembled. I felt terrible. Poor puppy.

However, this year, we have already gone through one round of local fireworks, and Shelby handled it quite well. I've seen dogs get quite upset about the whole thing, however it doesn't seem to phase her. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with us exposing her to fireworks early on, but I'm glad she's not afraid of the noise. If anything, she's curious about it.

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