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Ahem, Shelby I'm working...

Sometimes she insists on a lap. She's infinitely patient and equally insistent when she wants to sit on you. In this case, I still needed to get some work done, so she's become my lapdesk.

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Leaf eater part 2

Shelby visited my parent's place again, but this time, mom and her houseplants were ready. As you can see, Shelby is showing little interest. In fact, I had to call her over here and make her sit for this photo. Mom's quite proud of her solution, though I must say, I hope the bags only go up when Shelby visits. Year round bags would be pretty ghetto.

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Leaf eater

Steven and I were out for a weekend, so Shelby stayed with my parents. Upon returning home to pick her up, we were informed that Shelby had been quite naughty when it came to the houseplants. In the first photo is evidence of her bad behavior.

However in this next photo, it's obvious just how bad she was. Those used to be nice leafy plants, and now the edges are torn to bits.

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Darth Shelby

I recently recieved Darth Tator (Dart Vador meets Mr. Potato Head) as a present. It's a bit small, but I couldn't resist. Shelby got cheese for her heroic efforts at imitating a sith lord.

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An incomplete pack

I came home from work, while Steven was still out on assignment. Which meant that Shelby and I had some girl time together. I fed her, and made sure she swallowed her pill. She was generally a very good girl, however she clearly missed Steven. She sat for a long period of time staring at the door to the garage. I snapped a couple photos, and I didn't quite realize how forlorn she looked.

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A new friend

We decided to take Shelby to the dog park, and sadly there were no other dogs to be found.  Steven and I played with her by running around the park while she chased us. After about 10 minutes of this, Steven and I were tired. Luckily, a pug puppy arrived soonafter.

Shelby's new friend is named Siddah. They've met before, however Sid was quite young and shy, and it wasn't until this meeting that she warmed up to Shelby. They had a great time chasing each other around.

We were hoping to meet at the next Pug Meetup in Dublin on August 14th, however Steven and I will be out of town. Shelby and Sid will have to wait for another time to get together and play.

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Shelby protests her pills

This morning Steven informed me that Shelby has gotten wise to the pills hidden in her peanut butter, and is now refusing to eat them. This has never happened before in her whole life, but she is actually running away from peanut butter.

I guess we'll have to find something else to wrap the pills in. Front runners include liver and/or cheese. Watch us try to make Shelby eat her pill.

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Soft mouth

When Shelby was a puppy, she was terribly mouthy. I was a little scared of her teeth back then, but I had to play with her so that she would develop a soft mouth. As you can see from the video, she has developed a very gentle mouth.

Thank goodness.

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Shelby has yet another urinary tract infection. We took her to the vet, and after a different test on her urine sample, it was confirmed that this is the same type of infection that she had a month prior. He put her on a different antibiotic which should be very effective, and instructed us to bring her back a week after we run out of pills so that they could test Shelby again. Yes, it is very expensive, however I want to get to the bottom of this. I'd rather not have the bacteria develop immunity to the medicine, so we are being diligent about following the vet's intructions.

So every morning and evening, Shelby gets a wad of peanut butter which hides a pill.

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A serious pug

Shelby unwittingly imitates Hitchcock....or is that look more like Winston Churchill? Or perhaps just distain at me taking pictures of her at that moment.

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