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Leaf eater part 2

Shelby visited my parent's place again, but this time, mom and her houseplants were ready. As you can see, Shelby is showing little interest. In fact, I had to call her over here and make her sit for this photo. Mom's quite proud of her solution, though I must say, I hope the bags only go up when Shelby visits. Year round bags would be pretty ghetto.

August 29, 2005 | Permalink


Yeah, garbage bags all year would be pretty ghetto. Only thing worse would be if they sold all their couches and stuff in favor of lawn furniture from walmart.

Posted by: Lisa | Aug 29, 2005 9:03:57 AM

I'm glad Shelby's ok, she looks like she doesen't want to go near another house plant after her leaf eating experience!

Posted by: Christina | Aug 29, 2005 9:20:16 AM

Good idea by Mom.It protects the plants from chewing.It also saves the plants in case Shelby wants to imitate a garden hose.

Posted by: Mike | Aug 29, 2005 8:42:46 PM

Shelby is a girl pug! Why would she be lifting her leg?

Posted by: Lisa | Aug 29, 2005 9:37:22 PM

Shelby looks a little forlorn at not being
able to investigate those plants! Perhaps taking some of her favorite toys and maybe
letting her special play activities with others would help alleviate those visitation blues!

Posted by: Jade | Aug 30, 2005 2:40:00 PM

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