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Mini Me

Shelby met a sweet bull mastiff named Sophie. It's amazing how different in size they are, but yet so similar.

It was a great day to be out. In the same visit, Shelby met an entire boys soccer team. They all gave her a scratch.

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Why won't Shelby poop in San Francisco?

I don't know why Shelby won't poop outdoors in the city. It's as if she's too distracted to poop or pee. I've walked her all the trees and grass around the office, but she just won't. I'm not sure why. I have a feeling that with there being so many dogs, and so little canine toilet opportunities, maybe she just thinks every tree is over used. She doesn't have this problem anywhere else.

I worry about her holding it in for so long, so I bring the litterbox with me in the trunk, just to prompt her. Luckily the lid keeps litter from getting loose, and of course I clean up the mess before putting the box back in the car.

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Birthday party

Shelby went to a pug birthday party today. Sammy the pug from our local pug sunday group turned 1. There was doggie cake, a party hat that was eventually chewed, and quite a few dogs.

Shelby had a piece of cake and chased other pugs. She had a great time. Sammy's people even handed out party favors. Here's Shelby with her bag of treats from the party. It seems as though she's not interested, but in actuality, I am very firmly telling her to stay. Right after I took the photo, she devoured the treat.

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Major Tussle

Shelby came to work with me on Friday, and it just happened that all the puppies where there that day. I caught a little video of Shelby an Major, the office Boston Terrier puppy. Major is unaware he is a small dog, and despite being half Shelby's size, he gives her a serious run for her money. He's operating at a handicap. Brad keeps Major on a lead so that he doesn't go nuts. Shelby really needs to advantage. And yes, there's video!

Several people have not been able to see the video. It's a Quicktime video, and you'll need to get the plugin to view it. It's free and available here. http://www.apple.com/quicktime/mac.html

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Are pugs prone to ACL?

One of the office dogs that Shelby plays with is limping around. Stella has a torn ligament in her back leg. (ACL). It'll cost $1900 for the SCPA to patch her up. And there's a good chance that the other leg will go sometime within the next six months. Poor Stella. She's not a model canine citizen. She forages through our trash cans. She begs. She runs dangerously fast laps round the office. Occassionaly, she forgets she's housebroken. But at age 1 1/2, she certainly didn't deserve this. After all, she and Shelby are the same age, and I'm looking at Shelby, wondering if her little legs and paws will hold her massive body when she runs around.

I did some research online about ACL and the surgery to correct it. It seems that vets disagree on whether or not surgery will aid recovery. It seems larger dogs with straight legs are more prone to the injury. Shelby has straight legs, but is hardly large. But since she's so beefy, I wonder if pugs are prone. I have found posts on message boards of pug owners who's pugs underwent surgery.

Here's a photo of Stella

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At the party

I am told that Shelby had a great time at the party. Despite her Do Not Feed Me stee shirt, she managed a few pieces of brocolli and carrots. She even sat that the table on mom's lap.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this picture, but I'm guessing that one of my friends is trying to get Shelby to "hi-five." Shelby apears to be playing dumb as there's no treats in sight.

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New tee

Shelby needed a new tee shirt for a party we were throwing, so I cut up one of my corporate branded tees and make it fit Shelby. As it turns out the little pug has lost some weight. The pattern I made for her a few months ago is now too big. I had to trim out an inch from each side.

At this point, I hadn't trimmed the thread from the serger. And I left them on for a while because it amused me when Shelby would chase them, and spin in circles.

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When Shelby gets back from Mom's, she seems to be a far naughtier, hungrier, and heavier dog than the one we dropped off. Mom spoils her. Shelby gets walked twice a day, and gets two snacks. It's like going to a spa.

Fresh from a visit from Mom's here is Shelby, begging for Steven's vitamins. That's a bad pug.

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Artificial turf

Here we are in the backyard of a lovely house. All the plants are real except for the grass, which is artificial. Shelby didn't mind. She laid a "gift" on it shortly after arriving. Needless to say, we promptly cleaned it up.

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Hunter or gatherer?

It has come to my attention that Shelby would starve in the wild. She's a terrible hunter. However, she has quite mastered gathering and foraging. Here she is at Steven's feet, under an outdoor table at a restuarant. She's inspecting the ground for any tasty bits of rice or sushi that may have fallen.

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