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Shelby's Halloween Costume

Presenting Yoda pug!

Shelby was excellent during the photo shoot. She sat patiently waiting for us to finish taking the photos. This was particularly good considering that she was wary of the pumpkin, no thanks to Steven. He teased her by pretending that the jack-o-lantern was biting his hand earlier in the day.

I ordered this costume at buycostume.com, but it's was a bit big, so I had to alter it a bit. Shelby was a tad short for the costume. But the results are great! And with the magic of Photoshop, Steven gave her a light saber.

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Our local pug group got together to celebrate Halloween on Sunday. Shelby is the bat. Her playmate Sammy, is Zorro. There were actually treats too. Shelby scored some biscuits!

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Steven and I are looking at some remodelling, specifically new flooring. And since Shelby's here, we're challenged with selecting a color palette that we like, that also doesn't show off Shelby's tendency to shed. Our existing carpet is Shelby colored, and therefore we rarely see the fur. We don't want to mess up a good thing. We're considering tile to replace some of the carpeted areas, and we want to make sure that her shedding fur doesn't stand out. Shelby's somewhat perplexed as we make her sit on these tiles and give her a good scratch to loosen up some fur. So far, all the tile samples have fared well.

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A chinese pug

I suppose you have a memorable dog, when the CEO of the company returns from his business trip to New York with a Chinese dress for her. Here's Shelby, modelling her new dress, and in my opinion, looking awfully Chinese.

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Dog Parka Search

I've been looking for a dog parka for Shelby when I found this listing on ebay. I'm sure it's a fine jacket, but that poor pug doesn't look very happy at all!

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The pumpkin patch

Shelby charmed her way into the pumpkin patch again this year. Steven and I hauled away 40lbs of pumpkin. Meanwhile, Shelby was making friends with the children.

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Eyes too big for her stomach

Our shopping trip ended at PetSmart so that we could get Shelby's nails trimmed. They have some very large bones there, and I'm always amazed at the size of this one compared to Shelby. She looks deliriously happy. Perhaps she thought she was going to get this thing?

No so, little pug.

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After the shopping spree at Molly's Pup-puree, we stopped by a bakery for brunch. I bought this N-bone for her at the store. It's supposed to taste like chicken and last for a week. Not only that, but it doesn't stain the carpet. How could I refuse?

Instead of begging, Shelby chewed on her bone, and left us alone to eat our food.

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Customer Service takes a dump

I can't believe what lousy luck I've had with customer service lately.

I was still researching pet insurance options for Shelby. I had a question about and one of the two major pet insurers never returned my email. VPI had a form on their site, and I filled it out, asking what "primary diagnosis allowance" meant. I never got a response. Considering the amount of money I would be paying them over the course of Shelby's lifetime, you'd think they would be willing to answer my inquiry.

Steven and I are also planning to take Shelby to see snow this year. And the little dog needs something to keep her warm. I found this nifty parka on Trixie and Peanut's website. But the price gave me pause ($65) but I liked that it looked like it would cover Shelby's cold little belly and butt. But I wanted to make sure it would fit. I've had trouble fitting dog clothes to Shelby before because of her tall shoulders. I emailed them asking for the girth measurement of the jacket. Here was their response.

Dear Winnie,

Thank you for contacting Trixie + Peanut.

We're sorry, but we cannot provide the girth measurements for the Oregon Parka. Unfortunately, when we have attempted to provide girth measurements for apparel items in the past, it has only served to create more confusion. We recommend choosing the size that corresponds with your dog's length in inches, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. We can tell you that the Oregon Parka does run rather large and if it does not fit your pug, you may exchange for another size, another item or receive a store credit that is good for up to a year. You may review the full details of our 30-day exchange policy in our help section by clicking on the following link or pasting it into your browser: http://www.trixieandpeanut.com/getpage.html?t2

For crying out loud. The jacket is $65 and you can't answer a simple question?

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Seat belt

Shelby's been with us for almost 2 years, and Steven joked that since we had obviously decided to keep her, that she should have a nice doggie bowl. So we arrived at Molly's Pup-puree in Danville, and a spending spree ensued. One of the purchases was this doggie seat belt. Shelby's still getting used to it. She likes to spin around in the back seat, which only gets her in trouble when she's strapped in.

While we were at the store, Steven tested it for comfort. Shelby seemed like she could hang here all day.

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