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Loose skin

The same skin that makes those wonderful pug wrinkles also stretches, much to the amusement of Steven and me, but maybe not as amusing to Shelby.

November 16, 2005 | Permalink


Shelby is so sweet. I have a pug named Arliss and I do the same thing to him.


Posted by: Loren Bryand | Nov 16, 2005 6:30:27 AM

Too funny! It's so entertaining what you can do with your pug kid. http://pralinemariepug.typepad.com/pralinemarie/2005/11/a_little_cheeky.html

Posted by: Christina | Nov 16, 2005 8:40:48 AM

Shelby, you're HOT!

I wanted you to know that I have added your adorable shirt to our "Favorite Pug Gifts"on AllThingsPug.com. Keep up the good work and we'll keep reading.

Posted by: Jessie | Nov 16, 2005 1:36:50 PM

you should not do that to shelby....she may not like it...it may even hurt her.....i could see the tears forming..that's rlly mean...btw....SHLEBY IS THE BEST!!

Posted by: Bridget | Nov 18, 2005 7:45:11 PM

Hi Bridget,

I know that it might look like Shelby's being hurt in that picture but I'm sure that she's not. When my pug Seamus plays with his younger pug friend Lola she grabs the skin on his face with her teeth and pulls on it all day long. I can't stand to look sometimes, but he's fine. He loves playing with her! So don't worry that gently smoothing out some wrinkles on Shelby's face hurts her. She's just fine.

Posted by: Susan | Nov 18, 2005 10:56:34 PM

I must warn you: Even though Botox seems like a reasonable way to treat the pug wrinkles, it is a bad idea. I am tremendously embarassed now, and I carry a perpetual look of surprise. Fortunately, it will wear off. Peace be upon you, fellow pugs.

Posted by: Ayatollah Mugsy | Nov 18, 2005 11:38:35 PM

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