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Very Tired

It was a lengthy day for Shelby.

By the time she conned her way onto the table, she fell asleep.

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Funny Face

Steven snapped this photo of Shelby. I guess he caught her by surprise.

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One of the presents was a talking Triumph the Comic Insult Dog doll.

Shelby wasn't sure what to make of it. Should she bark or play with this thing? I suppose that depends on your opinion of Triumph's brand of humor :)

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Watching Gift Opening

Shelby was really curious as to what everyone else was opening.

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Sweet sweater

Mom made Shelby a sweater! We think Shelby looks like she should be on the slopes when she's wearing this. Mom wasn't sure how much yarn to buy for a dog sweater, so she purchased 3 rolls. Shelby's sweater only took half a roll, so the remainder went to a scarf that mom made for me.

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Christmas Evening

We had originally planned to host Christmas dinner, but I caught a cold a few days prior, so my mom hosted instead. That evening, we visited to celebrate with dinner and more gift opening.

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Shelby's Back!

We've just returned from our trip to snow country. There's quite a few photos from Christmas and our trip. I'll be posting them to the site several times a day until they're all up.

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Shelby goes on vacation

Just a note to Shelby's fans. She's taking a little vacation. She is going to see her first snow. She'll be back by the new year. And I'll have updates on the rest of Shelby's 2nd Christmas and her adventures in the snow.

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Merry Christmas Shelby!

Christmas morning! Being a dog, Shelby of course doesn't realize the significance of the day. But she catches on pretty quick. Especially the opening of gifts. She picked that up really quick. I opened two gifts, and she quickly tore into the one for her. I'm not sure how she knew it was for her. Probably because it smelled like doggie treats.

Shelby was so enamoured with her gift that she completely ingored the rest of the Christmas morning activities.

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve as spent curling up by the fire. Shelby and I curled up on the couch.

Although we have a fireplace, Steven and I were watching the yule log. This year there were three choices, and I must say that channel 36 had the best one. Shelby was so convinced that she went to go sit next to it.

Sorry pug. No warmth there. So she came back to my lap to keep warm.

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