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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Saturday was Chinese New Year's Eve, and we celebrated by having dinner at my parent's place. Shelby is always welcome there, so she celebrated with us. Steven and my mom were chatting while she was preparing dinner. Shelby was sitting on Steven's lap, overlooking the pomelos and red envelopes.

My boss bought Shelby her little dress from New York a few months ago, and this was the perfect opportunity to wear it.

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Pig Stuffing

She stopped tugging after getting a mouthful of stuffing, which would be really bad for her to swallow. I had to grab her to get it out of her mouth. Now might be a good time to mention that Shelby puts a lot of things in her mouth that I have to remove. We taught her to have a soft mouth, and so I don't have any reservations about going in and grabbing stuff. Unless of course it's a a bug. She caught a cricket once, and we just let her eat it.

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I've noticed that even though Shelby can be quite active, that the past few photos have been of her being lazy. So she was very close to ripping the head off of her pig toy, so we brought it outside for a game of tug. We were hoping to catch the pork tearing on camera, but Shelby failed to finish off the toy. I guess she's still a bit attached to it. I've rarely had to throw away toys. She's not that destructive.

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Pug Coaster

Saturday mornings start of lazily for Steven and I. We usually sit around sipping coffee and talking about our weekend plans. Shelby eats a big breakfast first thing in the morning, and usually succumbs to a "food coma" an hour after eating. Here she is falling asleep in my lap while Steven and I are still sipping coffee.

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Perch part 2

Here's a little detail photo of Shelby resting comfortably on her perch, and looking slightly less depressed than in the previous photo.

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We washed Shelby's crate mat and plaed it on top of her crate. I guess she likes the mat. Steven found her perched on top of her crate, as if she was Snoopy.

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Snuggling up

Steven and I have been keeping some late nights recently. While Shelby usually tries to hang out with us, around 11pm she gives up and goes to bed. She had been in bed for about an hour when I walked by, and I found that the sleepy girl had snuggled up with her bone.

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New Years Eve

Steven and I are settling into the new year nicely. The first 10 days have been good to us. We rang in the new year modestly since I was still coughing from a cold I caught over Christmas. New years eve was spent at home with a lovely bottle of champagne which Steven popped open when the east coast rang in the new year, and we poured a new glass as each time zone struck midnight in the US.

While Steven and I were sipping champagne, Shelby promptly found the cork, and we chased her around the house to get it back from her.

She was really bookin' around the living room.

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Shelby's half sister

Have you seen this pug?..err...the one on the left. If you're a fan of Shelby, you might recognize that she's the tired little puppy on the right. The pug on the left is Shelby's half sister. I really wanted them both, but we really couldn't at the time. I sometimes wonder where the little black pug went. They have the same daddy, Sir Coffee Bean of Newton Court. "Beannie" for short. They were both in Redding, California. I wonder what she looks like now.

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Lost Pug Bulletin

According to www.roythpug.com, it appears that two pugs, "Pugsley" and "Wednesday" are some missing from El Cerrito, CA.

More Information
Update: Pugsley and Wednesday have been found!

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