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When she was a puppy

Back when Shelby was a younger unwise dog, she would get herself into trouble. Steven had a pretty sharp eye for her shenanigans. He thought he could relax when he put her in her exercise pen. But in a few moments of quiet, Shelby thought it was a good idea to chew the doorway. You can see the little chew marks on the right.

Steven must not have yelled loud enough because he caught her chewing the other side of the doorway a bit later. He was so mad at the time.

Lately he's been sprucing up the house, and fixing a lot of little things that we've let go. He's going to repair the doorway, but we're both a little sad to do it because it reminds us of Shelby's puppy days.

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On a relaxing Saturday afternoon, Steven and Shelby settle in for a nap.

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Shelby gets comfortable

I was warming up next to the fire. Shelby decided to get comfortable.
I hope this doesn't become a habit.

I suppose that she sat on me after bringing all those toys didn't get my attention.

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Back at the Dog Park

Shelby went back to the dog park now that weather is a bit nicer. Sometimes when I bring her, she's a bit shy, and get's left behind while other dogs are playing. This time, she was much better at initiating play.

After playing, she was pretty tired, and rested in the shade of a shelbypug.com fan that we met for the first time.

It had been a while since we had gone, and in my rush to get to the dog park on time for Pug Sunday, I forgot to put on her collar! Bad human! Look at that naked pug!

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Another reason Shelby is a great dog

She puts up with stuff like this that clearly annoys her, but makes Steven and me laugh.

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Busted Baby Gate

The baby gate that we've been using to fence Shelby in while we're out has finally broken. We're now using this shorter back-up baby gate. The little pug can clear quite a height, but there's an intimidation factor that comes with the baby gate, and she's never dared to jump it. I hope she doesn't try jumping over this one, because she might be able to clear it.

Some of you might be wondering why Shelby, at 2 years old, is still not trusted to roam the house while we are out. The first reason is because she spends the first few minutes panicking. She still suffers from separation anxiety, and won't get over it without a hefty treat. Since she's on a diet, we can't always do that. The second reason is that right after she realizes that we are gone, and she is alone, she decides that it's a good idea to get away with everything we don't let her do around the house. The last time she "escaped" the baby gate, I found paw prints on the leather couch and the bed, and a dirty wet sock sitting in the middle of the bedroom.

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Artsy pug

One morning, we saw Shelby seeking a spot of sun. Steven went to grab his camera. The result is this series of overly dramatic photos of Shelby with her 3 legged frog toy.

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New Blanket

One of Shelby's new year gifts was this cozy blanket. She's snuggled up next to the window, watching birds fly by.

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Red Envelope

Late in the evening, Shelby was really tired, but mustered up enough energy to accept her red envelope. No money for this puppy. She got a crunchy treat instead.

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Oh, that's a bad girl

New Year's dinner was really tasty for people and puppies alike. Mom prepared some boiled liver for Shelby, but despite the wonderful treat, Shelby still wanted to see what was available on the table. I guess it's a good thing she's short, or the New Year's chicken and duck would be gone.

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