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At the desk

At work there is a policy of keeping dogs leashed so that the office doesn't turn into a huge dog run. Shelby kept getting her lead tangled up in my chair, so I gave up and tried putting her on my desk. We used to do this when she was a puppy, so she took right to it. It also made it easier for Shelby to make eye contact with passers-by. And it was easier for people to pet her.

I had walk around the office several times to collaborate with co-workers. I tried getting Shelby to heel instead of keeping her on lead while we walked around the office. It seemed that every time she wandered off, she managed to sweet talk her way onto someone's desk. I found her on our Engineer's desk, and later on, she was on the Founder's desk.

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Puppet fight

When I get home, Shelby is anxious to play. She drops a toy at my feet, and she keeps bringing different toys until one of them "works" and I play with her. It doesn't take very many tries. She's very cute when she's got a toy in her mouth, and she's bumping against the back of your knee to get your attention.

One of her toys is a gray dinosaur hand puppet. I like it because I get to use my hand, but it doesn't get slobbery. And if I use my left hand, I don't have to worry about my ring scratching Shelby's eye. Puppet fights can get quite spirited, and we both have a lot of fun.

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A terrible passenger, continued

I mentioned earlier that Shelby is a terrible passenger. As we approach the parking garage, her slight whimpering and whining increases dramatically in volume. I took a little video in case any of you may have been seduced into thinking that Shelby is always a good puppy. Watch the video, and turn up the speakers to similate the effect.

This is why I'm looking into buying a bark collar.

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Winnie's home

On the days when I don't take Shelby to work, so hangs out quietly with Steven. Steven has clearly established boundaries with Shelby, and so she doesn't bother him while he's working. She's quite well behaved, unlike she is with me. I let her sit in my lap while I worked when she was smaller. Now she is insistent, and it's hard to keep her out of my lap, even if my leg is falling asleep.

When I do get home, I get a hero's welcome.

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So, this is admittedly, not Shelby's best side.

I never took photos of Shelby's underbelly when she was a puppy, so I don't have proof, but it sure does seem like she's got less hair there these days. It used to be that it was just her belly and her armpits that didn't have hair. But I notice the patches around the armpits getting larger, and the fur on her rib cage seems thinner too. Steven and I think it's because she drags herself around the floor in a military pug crawl. It's been two years, and I still haven't been able to get that on video.

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If there's a dog heaven...

...there's kettle corn in it.

Shelby's quite a fan of popcorn. However, she's not a fan of the metal bowl.

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Working stiff

Steven was doing some painting, and he has visions of Shelby getting loose, running through the paint, and running around the house with him trying to catch her. So I brought her to work again. Here she is, sitting on my lap, and resting her face on my mousing hand.

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The brussel sprout video

I took this little video when I thought that no one would believe me that Shelby likes brussel sprouts. But it seems that everyone believes it because pugs eat just about anything. Well, even though Shelby pug fans are sweet enough to believe it, I present video proof anyway.

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A terrible passenger

Does she look freaked out to you?

Shelby has slowly deteriorated into a terrible passenger. She whines all the way to work. And she barks like a maniac when I make any turns. It's a ridiculous kind of bark, as if there was mortal danger imminent. But no, it's actually just a left turn. She's figured out that the turn signal precedes the turn and starts barking wildly whenever I use it. I took this picture after I parked the car, and she was still freaking out. I'm not sure why. I don't know if a bark collar that spritzes citronella will do the trick, because I think she's genuinely panicked. But at this point, I'm not sure what else to do. Everytime I pull into the parking garage, the attendants think I'm killing my dog.

Has anyone tried a bark collar? Do they work?

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Back at Work

After a wet winter, the weather was finally nice enough to bring Shelby.

Shelby was rather popular, scoring many scratches, and pats on the head, which appeared to be her cue to push her luck. It didn't take very long for her to start hopping on everyone's lap, and taking advantage of the situation.

In this photo, Shelby has once again managed to tangle up her lead.

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