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There's just something about bones and dogs that goes great together. Steven and I love saving beef bones for her because we know that she adores them, and we get about an hours worth of well behaved pug.

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Bed and Lamie Update

Lamie has suffered a critical wound, and has joined Shelby's other injured friends on the toy hostpial that is my desk.

As for the bed, I am very impressed by it. The fabric is woven tight enough so that Shelby's hair doesn't penetreate it. However Shelby is really attached to her old bed, and it's been difficult convicing her to leave it, and use the new bed. One night, Steven got tired of waiting for her to come to bed, so he did this...

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Good paw

Shelby's feeling better.

When Shelby stopped licking her paw, I noticed that it looked a lot like past ear infections, which were essentially yeast infections. So I figured there was nothing to lose by cleaning the paw, and putting some of her ear infection ointment on thepaw. It worked! Shelby's paw is back to normal, which is great, because sitting on my lap with the cone was just not working for me.

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Shelby appears on a magazine. Neat! Steven's friend Jay contributes to M.P.H Magazine, and he came up with this concept of a spoof ad for Biodiesel.

Introducing, FidoDiesel.

That's Shelby leading the pack. Mostly because she's too small to be in the back.

Steven showed Shelby, but she seemed more interested in the paper.

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Shelby woke us up the other night be constantly licking her paw. This morning, I noticed her paw was red and slightly irritated. I wasn't sure if this was from her licking, an allergy, or something more sinister. I had to see what her paw looked like without the licking, so I pulled out the cone from her spay surgery, and on it went. Shelby put up with it at first, but she's a bit disappointed about it now. She has a hard time getting around, playing, and drinking.

And I'm sure her paw or her face must itch. It must be bothersome to not be able to scratch it. We felt sorry for her, so we gave her some scraps of rotisserie chicken from the table.

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New bed, lamiedoodle

Steven noted recently that Shelby's Snuggleball was looking pretty shabby. Even Shelby has noticed. It's been harder and harder to get her to move from her day pillow, which does a good job of storing heat, to her Snuggleball. So I took a trip down to Molly's Pup-purree in Danville, and brought her along. Shelby was terribly distracted. She was busy putting her face in every dog bowl within her reach. I didn't get a good sense if she liked the bed, but I've never known her to be terribly picky, so I went ahead and purchased it.

While I was there, I picked up a replacement Lamiedoodle. They didn't carry the white one with the brown face. So I bought this "dark meat" version of Lamiedoodle.

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Bark Collar: A total fiasco

I bought a humane bark collar that used a high pitched sound for bark correction. According to the directions, if Shelby only wears the collar in the car, then it should only correct her behavior in the car, and Shelby will know that it's OK to bark elsewhere.
So I put it on her, and we went for a drive. On surface street, Shelby usually whines. This triggered the bark collar. But she whined so much, that the collar was constantly going off. It was driving me nuts. Almost as nuts as the whining.
I have a video of what it was like. Shelby whines about that much on any car ride, so I don't think the collar caused more whining.

Usually, when we get on the freeway, Shelby calms down, and everything's calm until we exit the freeway. However, even on the least sensitive setting, I found that the noise of the wind resistance was enough to trigger the bark collar, as were potholes. I'm sure this left Shelby pretty confused. She was being a good girl, and the collar was still going off.

Prior to the bark collar, I tried using a spray bottle. Shelby was soaking wet, and I found it impractical when I'm driving alone. It's fine if Steven is driving, but it's simply unsafe for me to pay attention to spraying her while the car is moving.

I'm going to try the collar again, this time, just around city streets. I'm not sure how long it's supposed to take for Shelby to catch on. I hope it's not long.

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Tug of war

Like most dogs, Shelby loves this game. Steven is tugging on the well-worn Lamidoodle. I keep thinking it's time to retire Lamie, but Shelby keeps picking her out.

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