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Going out with Shelby

Shelby loves walks, but if the weather is inclement, or you're feeling tired, she can do without.

If you do go out, she's a terrible puller. We use the Sense-ible harness to correct this. The lead latches onto the front of the harness, and collar. That will control her pulling.

At the Antique Fair

Shelby is not dog aggressive, and is really friendly and gentle with kids. However, we're not sure she understands what a cat is. She doesn't chase them. We think she thinks they are weird dogs. But cats don't seem to like her, so it's best to keep them apart.

If you want to take Shelby to a dog park, please make it a small dog park. We have tried bringing Shelby to the big dog park.

  • gets scared
  • humped by some overeager suitor
  • chased by all the big dogs, like she's the rabbit at a greyhound race

If Shelby starts to hide between your legs, or trying to crawl up on you, it means she's not having a good time. If she tries to crawl up on your shoulder, it means she's REALLY not having a good time.

If you go, please bring water for her to drink. She used to get urinary tract infections, and we think these had to do with the dog park water fountain. After going to the dog park, please rinse/wipe Shelby's belly and paws.

If there's a chance to go to the beach, then Shelby will be thrilled. She can swim, (but not very well), but she loves to dig. She gets a lot of sand in her eyes, so please rinse them when you get home.

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Playing with Shelby

Shelby loves to play. Especially if she hasn't been out for a walk. If she's feeling playful, and you are ignoring her, she will bump a toy into your knee.

With her toys

For some reason, she's not a fan of rubber toys, but loves stuffed toys. If you're at home, she'll play fetch, but for some reason, we can't get her to fetch out in the wild. She also loves to play tug. When in doubt, move the toy like a squirrel. It drives her nuts.

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Steven and I are going on vacation soon, so Shelby will be going to her first doggie sleepover with her friend Mocha. Mocha is truly a model dog. When Shelby was a puppy we socialized her with larger dogs, so that she wouldn't be afraid of them when she grew up. We took her to see Mocha, because we knew Mocha would not hurt her. Here's a photo of one of their first outings together.

We've left Shelby with my parents before, and she has a great time. It's like going to a doggie spa. 2 walks a day. Real liver. How can a dog complain? But this will be the first time Shelby is away from home with another dog. I hope she has fun.

So the posts to follow will be instructional, so that Mocha's people will know what they can and should expect out of Shelby, and what her routine is.

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Pug Sunday in Dublin

Shelby seeks shade at the dog park

This was a shot taken on the Dublin Pug Sunday's Mother's Day meetup. It was hot, and after about 15 mins, I found Shelby taking shady refuge under the park bench. We finally went home when she started acting out of character. A pug named Jasper came in the park, and every minute or so, we would hear a yelp. (I think it was Jasper). That was when Shelby sat at my feet, facing out, and started to bark and howl...the same sound she makes if Steven and I leave her alone in the house. I thought maybe she thought she had lost me, even though I was right behind her. But even after she acknowledged my presence, her tail was down, and she was pacing in a worried kind of way. I took her home.

I wonder what that was all about?

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Shelby at sushi, part II

Shelby at sushi, part II

Once again, we brought Shelby to sushi with us. She was well behaved, however Steven was feeling playful.

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When boredom and pugdom collide

I discovered an awful, yet hilarious feature on my new phone.

I call this one "AfroShelby"

Homie da Shelby
And this one "Shelby da Clown"

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Playtime at work

Shelby and Maddy play

Shelby's made a new friend at work. She and Maddy the terrier get along great! They were moving so fast, that this was the best shot I got of them, chasing each other through the office.

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Shelby in the car

Shelby in the car on a warm day

The barking problem appears to be partially solved by placing Shelby into the front seat instead of the back. Still not a perfect solution. She still goes nuts when we reach our destination, but at least she isn't whining the entire time.

Here's a photo of her, pushing her luck and inching her way towards the driver's seat.

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Her new obsession

Her new obsession

Last week, I invited Shelby to hop up on my lap, and normally, she is quite good, and curls up and takes a nap. However this time, she saw a little sea sponge that Steven and I had poached from a table centerpiece at a crab feed. She immediately became obsessed with it, and started climbing all over my desk to get to it.

I put her down on the ground, and she kept hopping back up on my lap to get to the sponge. After three times, I took the sponge over to Steven's office and Shelby started harassing him. Steven took the sponge and pretended to throw it across the room. She ran to find it, and when she couldn't, she came back to me, convinced that I still had the sponge.

Now I was screwed. Shelby thinks I have the sponge, and I don't know where the sponge is. It took some time to get Shelby focused on something else.

To this day, Steven will not reveal the whereabouts of the sponge.

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Steven's recently purchased a 1964 Ford Falcon. This is one of Shelby's first rides in it. She's got that classic "dog in car window" look about her. Like she's "king of the world!"

The Falcon doesn't have very many saftey features which makes me a bit nervous. We're looking into putting in better seat belts. You'll notice that Shelby doesn't have her red seatbelt harness on. Because we only have lap belts in the back seats, I have to find a way to rig the belt or the harness so that she can be restrained in the back.

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