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Shelby meets Caesar

Shelby meets Caesar

On the way back from the parade, Shelby met Caesar. He's the most famous pug in our town. Shelby is often mistaken for Caesar, though I'm not sure why. Not only is Shelby a girl, she's much smaller than he is.

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More friends!

Shelby meets Abby and Spalding

This is not the first time Shelby has met Abby and Spalding. They are very sweet and well behaved. We've run into them at the local bakery. They give out sample dog biscuits every Saturday during the farmer's market, which are always a big hit.

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Watching the Parade

There was a parade downtown. We went with Shelby. She had a good time. It was hot, so we brought ice water, and took it easy getting there and back.

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Where's Shelby?

We thought we had transitioned Shelby off her Snuggleball, and onto her new dog bed. The Snuggleball is sitting in my office now. But Shelby's found it again, and likes to sit on it while I'm working on my computer. She quietly chews something while I'm working away. But sometimes she's too quiet. Twice last week, Steven asked me where Shelby was. (I thought she was with him.)

Oh no! She was too quiet and I accidentally locked her in my office!

Locked in

Bad Winnie. Bad Bad Winnie.

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Shelby's "Room"


Neither Steven nor I ever intended on Shelby having her own room. But she's so messy, that we setup her stuff in the only room upstairs that isn't carpeted — the guest bathroom. We don't really have guests since the guest bedroom is now my office. And so, somewhat accidentally, the guest bathroom is now Shelby's room.

And I realize, that stepping back, this makes us sound like total freaks.

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Mom's Dog Sitting Service

My parent's have alwawys been very good to Shelby. Perhaps a bit too good. We thought maybe Shelby would've forgotten all about us by the time we came home. It was 7 days, making it the longest time that Shelby's ever been away. We called mom to let her know that we were coming. Mom told Shelby "Winnie's home" and Shelby clearly remembered us. She went absolutely nuts, bakred her head off, and went to wait by the door.

When Shelby stays with mom, she has a very regular schedule.

First, there's breakfast.

Then a morning walk.
Prep for a walk

Followed by a nap.

Then playtime.

Followed by another walk, and dinner.

And then, bedtime.

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While we were out...

Shelby's first doggie sleepover was apparently a success. Our friend took a couple pictures. Apparently there's a little video too, but he hasn't posted them yet. When he does, I'll link to them.

He even took Shelby to work. Yay! Shelby loves going to work.
but why are you so sad in the photo, Shelby?
Why so sad?

This was described as her "intense" look. I think he must've been holding a treat.

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Behavior Expectations

There are certain rules that Shelby has in our household, that you can expect Shelby to try and break while staying at your home.

  1. She is not allowed on the furniture or your lap unless invited. Invite Shelby by patting your lap with your hand.
  2. She is not allowed to be on the bed unless invited. When we take a nap with her, we set down a towel, and that is her signal that it's OK to join us.

If she misbehaves, and hops on you or the furniture, Shelby recognizes the command OFF. We use OFF as an all purpose command to quit whatever shenanigans she might be up to.

Shame on you naughty pug.


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Leaving Shelby


Shelby suffers from separation anxiety. We're not sure if this will be true if there's another dog around, but right now, when Steven and I leave, she runs around the house barking her head off, and then mopes.

If everyone is leaving...

We've tried everything short of drugs. It will sound like the world is ending. If you give her whole access to the house, she will eventually get over your absence, and start to break some rules. For example, she escaped from her baby gate once, and we found her paw prints on the couch, paw prints on the bed, and 1 dirty sock pulled from the laundry.

When you leave, it's highly recommended that you limit Shelby's access to 1 room, with access to water and her litter box.

If someone is staying...
This is a lot easier. Shelby won't go nuts, if she can see the leaving guests out to their car and watch them drive off. I'm not sure why, but it's tried and tested, and totally works. Every morning, Steven brings Shelby down to the car to see me off to work, and she trotts back upstairs like nothing's happened. If I leave without her seeing me, she goes nuts.

If she does happen to go nuts, getting her attention and making her perform a trick or two for a small treat works really well in getting her mind off the situation.

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After the meal

Ah yes, how can we talk about dogs, without talking about poop!

The command for Shelby to poop is "Go potty." She might look at you like she doesn't know what you're referring to. Or pretend she didn't hear you. But she understands...stubborn pug.

Luckily, Shelby is also box trained. If she knows where her box is, she will use it. The litter is flushable. Wet litter should be scooped out.

She will also go outside, however, she doesn't know how to ask to go outside. She does know how to use a doggie door, and will find her way out there to do her business.

Here's photographic proof that Shelby knows where to poop.

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