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How a pug beats the heat

Oh it's hot. Too hot for a pug. We visited my parents, and unfortunately, there was a brown out. The air conditioning didn't work. What's a pug to do? On top of that, Mom and I accidentally clipped one of Shelby's nails too close, and she was bleeding all over the place.

Mom came up with this solution to tie her up in the house. We kept her from wanting to move around by giving her a nice prime rib bone. And mom rigged one of those blue ice things in front of the fan for Shelby.

Beating the heat

July 25, 2006 | Permalink


Poor shelby! She's just not having a good time lately, is she? At least she has Winnie for a mommy.

Posted by: randon | Jul 25, 2006 8:01:39 AM

ah yes.

this is my first summer with moxie and here in boston we randomly had one VERY hot day, of course the day BEFORE our a/c unit was scheduled to arrive! and i had to work! moxie stays in her exercise pen all day anyway, so without room to run around and work up a sweat she did fine, i put some ice in her bowl and moved the fan in front of her pen, and we always keep the dark curtains closed so the sun doesn't bake the room. i was a nervous wreck all day at work but of course she was fine! lol she has no sense of finding a cool place however, like most dogs, so when i moved the fan from the top of the dresser to the floor so she could get more of a breeze, she sat in the very back of the pen and grumbled at it with her tail at half mast. what a weenie!

hope shelby is back to 100% soon!

Posted by: stephanie | Jul 25, 2006 8:46:13 AM

Love Shelby the dog. My friend checks out the website every day and sends us photos!!

Posted by: The Gretch | Jul 25, 2006 9:50:38 AM

MUMS KNOW BEST....WHAT WOULD YA DO WITHOUT THEM...My grow daughter has 3 rabbits and three cats in a towndown apt. and has used the old "ice and fan" trick for years for her bunnies...puts the ice under the wire of their cages..works great !!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jul 25, 2006 12:08:10 PM

i'll bet shelby enjoyed that bone!

i had to get a fan from my parents' place because we don't have air conditioning in the apartment and lately it's way too hot for zooey. for some reason, though, she doesn't like it on the higher settings- we tried last night, and she kept giving us these miserable looks like 'why are you guys being so mean to me?'.

Posted by: felice | Jul 25, 2006 1:15:14 PM

Very smart with the ice thing!
I'm changing the URL of my blog, and I'm telling everyone I link to in case they read it. It's now www.flatnosedpups.com or www.flatnosedpups.blogspot.com

Posted by: Kara | Jul 25, 2006 3:12:23 PM

awww poor shelby i bet that was very uncomfortable for her but at least it wasnt very serious last month my cat decided that it would be fun to play with a razor blade that was in the shower and she cut her ear open and i did not have that powder stuff so i put that new liquid bandaid and it worked out fine try that if shelby ever gets cut and u cant run out !!!!!!!
give shelby some kisses!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Karelle | Jul 25, 2006 5:56:20 PM

It is hot, isn't it. I can't believe this summer has been really crazy.
It is scorching hot here in L. Vegas.
When I let him inside from him doing his business,
I wet him down with a damp paper towels.

The ceiling fan and air conditioner are continously on.
I trim winston's nails with a cordless dremel
ever since he had a bad cut when was puppy.

Posted by: Joanne | Jul 26, 2006 12:52:03 AM

WOW Joanne, a dremel? Never thought of that, I'll have to try it! I thought I was the only one who feels like a total putz when I trim DaiseyMay's nails too short! I use the old horse trick of wiping the nail with a bar of soap, something in the soap acts as a co-aggulant to make the blood clot up quicker! It works!
And you know, our mothers' didn't make it this far in life without learning a few things, after all, they didn't have the luxuries that we have now! Winnie, tell your Mother I said, " GO MOM!"

Posted by: Lisa | Jul 26, 2006 9:49:08 AM

we bought a dremmel when our pug was just a puppy and he went berserk when we tried to use it on him. we eventually gave up. now the vet trims his nails with the help of an assistant or two. he's little but he puts up a heck of a fight.

Posted by: trace | Jul 26, 2006 11:29:15 AM

hi winnie i have a quick question for you i have my new pug and i just wanted to know if you had any tips on how to potty train i would really apreaciate itt thanks!!!!!!

Posted by: Karelle | Jul 27, 2006 12:19:44 AM

We litter box trained Shelby. Check out this post particularly the comments area where I wrote about how we did this.

Posted by: Winnie | Jul 27, 2006 7:54:44 AM

o0o k thanx
say hi to shelby for me

Posted by: Karelle | Jul 27, 2006 7:35:36 PM

Hello! I just find this website! It's great!
I bought a little pug 2 days ago! I read all I could find about it on the web. The problem is that it is very hoooot and my little dog looks like choking... he couchs like something is stuck in his neck...
I know it is not normal to choke but it is from the heat? I don't know what to do!

Posted by: Ady | Jul 27, 2006 10:32:39 PM

Stuck in his neck?

Shelby has been known to snort a lot. She does it when she gets water up her nose. It sounds like this. But I haven't seen her choke on anything.

Since you just got your puppy, it's probably worthwhile to bring him to a vet for a checkup.

Posted by: Winnie | Jul 27, 2006 10:41:41 PM

Yes I'll go next week to the vet with him.
I'm scared. He looks fine, eating, playing, sleeping a lot (he is just 2 months). But sometimes he looks like choking and he looks desperate... when the air finally gets where it should be he is ok.

I like your website very much! And Shelby is so sweet and cuteee!!!
Thanx again!

Posted by: Ady | Jul 27, 2006 10:48:45 PM

When Kricket was a very tiny baby she used to sound like she was choking too ( sort of snorting out of control, right?)..could be because their airways are still so tiny along with a short nose with crooked passages..she would almost pass out at times...it stopped when she was a few weeks older..but a word with the Vet. is the best thing for sure !!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jul 28, 2006 10:14:35 AM

OHHHH MY Riley is doing that right now and he is only like 9 wks u think it ill clear up?????

Posted by: Karelle | Jul 28, 2006 12:17:50 PM

Hey! Ronin is almost 8 weeks... and i was very scared when he started doing that. I'm going next week to the vet just to be sure. I read about this on the internet but now that I read your replies I am feeling better. Thanx a lot!!! I'm very scared about any problems because a year ago I lost my best friend (he was old)... and it was a very big decision to take another dog.
So thanx for replies!

Posted by: Ady | Jul 29, 2006 3:02:00 AM

My grandpug Lucky did the scary snorting thing A LOT when he was younger. It was usually when I was babysitting him and of course I thought he was dying! He is four now and doesn't do it so often. I did notice that it was worse after gnawing on a denta-bone or such. We love Shelby too.

Posted by: pug grandma | Jul 29, 2006 6:07:27 PM

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