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Pug love

It's on hot days...
Shelby ponders the situation

that Shelby loves us best.

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Contact Shelby!

I have some good news and bad news.

The good news is that I have finally figured out how to setup Shelby's email account. So if you want to send an email to Shelby you can email her at


The bad news is that her mommy (me) is not very tech savvy, and in the process of setting up Shelby's email address may have messed up people's bookmarks. Luckily, I have some tech savvy friends, and I hope to have this cleared up shortly.

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Stupid hot

The heat wave continues. While Steven and I were debating whether or not it would be rude to invite ourselves over to his brother's pool, we got a call. Yay! We're invited over for a pool party! I packed towels, sunscreen, and some supplies for Shelby and we were off!


The tile around the pool was very hot, and we didn't want Shelby to scorch her toes, so Steven put her on this raft and she floated around the pool.

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How a pug beats the heat

Oh it's hot. Too hot for a pug. We visited my parents, and unfortunately, there was a brown out. The air conditioning didn't work. What's a pug to do? On top of that, Mom and I accidentally clipped one of Shelby's nails too close, and she was bleeding all over the place.

Mom came up with this solution to tie her up in the house. We kept her from wanting to move around by giving her a nice prime rib bone. And mom rigged one of those blue ice things in front of the fan for Shelby.

Beating the heat

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Screaming pug

Yesterday Shelby was a very bad pug. She really embarassed me.

We went out for a walk, and not 12 feet from the front door, a happy black lab with a tennis ball in its mouth came trotting by with his people. We were getting ready to cross the street, and as we started to cross, I heard a high pitched scream. I thought it was the other dog, but no, it was Shelby.

When we got downtown, this bad behavior continued. Everytime she saw a dog, she would frantically pull towards it, and her bark would turn into a loud scream. Not a cute scream. It was like a rabid monkey. I think she freaked out all the people downtown dining outdoors. We couldn't believe it. What's possessed her?

I didn't get video because it happened too fast, but I found this video on YouTube with a Frenchie that is making a similar sound. Shelby didn't sound as cute as this dog. (more like the aforementioned rabid monkey.)

Has anyone else experienced this? What's causing it? We took her out for a walk today, and she was very good around the other dogs.

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Doogie door

Shelby and the screen door

There are a lot of doggie doors at the store that require us to cut big holes in our doors or walls. We didn't really have that option. The doors that access outside are sliding glass doors, like the one in the photo. We got this pet door at PetSmart. It snaps onto the screen, and is pretty easy to install (I'll take Steven's word for it since he installed it.)

But there are some cons...
1. For Shelby to have access, we have to open the glass door, and we don't really like that in extreme weather.
2. If we don't open the glass door wide enough, Shelby can get out, but she can't get back in because the glass door blocks the pet door from swinging the other way to let her back in.
3. If she goes charging out there, she can knock the door off its hinges.
4. If the glass door is closed and clean, but the curtain is open, and Shelby is not paying attention, she could walk into the glass door.

That happened today.

And I am very embarassed to report that Steven and I found it hilarious. She wasn't hurt, but she was clearly disappointed and sat down and let out a sigh/whimper. Steven gave her a sweet pat on the head, and opened the glass door for her.

Poor thing.

...but she's hilarious. :)

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The Stick

Shelby has been trying for days to sneak this stick from the backyard into the house. I didn't realize this, and when I brought her back inside from her brushing, she snuck it in with her. What ensued was a game of chase around the house, trying to get the stick from her so she wouldn't make a mess. But Shelby is very wiley. We had to wait till she got tired, to sneak up on her.

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Shelby eyes dessert

For Independence Day, Steven and I were both recovering from colds. So we spent the evening at home. Steven cooked burgers, and I made a little dessert. We ate outside in the yard, while Shelby foraged around, looking for things to smell and chew. Looks like she wants to chew on my dessert.

I don't think so puglet.

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Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces

The black mat was Mocha's, but she preferred Shelby's bed. Meanwhile, Shelby was fascinated with hers. Mocha's no fool! I think she got the cushier bed, even though it's a bit small for her. No problem. I brought out Shelby's old snuggleball, and both dogs had a comfortable night's sleep.

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Out for a walk

Up dog creek

We took them both along a little path near our home that borders a creek. They loved it. Mocha tried to take a dip, but that last thing I want is to have a huge wet dog at home. We're just not very well equipped for that. Sorry Mocha!

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