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Silly Shelby

On a visit to my parent's house, Shelby unintentionally clowns around with my mom. So this is what Shelby would look like if she had hands!

Shelby and Mom

Shelby and Mom

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Ice Cream, a pictoral

Ice cream please

Ice cream dunce

Ice cream!

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Steven bought me this sweet little scooter for my birthday! Now all I need is a basket big enough to strap Shelby into. Then we're off to buy biscuits downtown!

Shelby keeps the seat warm

I wonder if they sell doggie helmets? Thanks to the magic of Google, I found these three links.
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3 a homemade one

What do you think? Good idea? Waste of money because they aren't certified saftey products? Shelby doesn't belong on a scooter? Leave a comment, because whatever we end up doing will end up on the blog. :)

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Cookie Monster

We bought Shelby some nice cookies for dogs at Primrose Bakery. I brought some with me on our last trip to the office. Here she is, sitting on my lap, trying to WILL the cookies into her paws.

Come to me cookie

Cookie monster

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The scooter

Sometimes Steven will roll around on this scooter in the back drvieway and Shelby will chase him. It's terribly funny and cute to watch her chase Steven around. Last week, Shelby was chasing him around on the scooter, and she wasn't paying attention. I was standing there, and she ran, head first and full speed, into my leg. She wasn't hurt. She bounced back up and seemed fine. No limping, no dizziness. Good.

But sadly, ever since then, she won't chase the scooter anymore. She's scared of it. When Steven scoots around, she runs back inside the house.

Shelby and the scooter

We were really bummed about that. It was a happy family moment that we won't have anymore. But I guess it's not too awful. She'll still chase us. It's just going to take a lot more work on our part since now we'll have to run. :P

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Shelby's been "tagged"

Well it appears that Shelby's blog has been "tagged." Matt of Urbanpug.com has tagged us, which means that I'm supposed to list 5 strange things that Shelby does, and list 5 other pug sites. Here's a list of Shelby's weirdness.

As for the list of 5 pug sites, I'm at a loss! All of the pug sites that Matt listed are the same ones that I read. Here goes...I hope I'm not repeating sites that other people have listed.
Satchi Wish her well. She's undergoing heartworm treatment!
Owned by Pugs

Readers, help me out! What other pug sites do you read?

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Shedding and furniture

Sometimes people ask us how mad the shedding is. It's amazingly bad for a dog this size. In my opinion, it's the only drawback to the breed. Lucky for Shelby, and most pugs out there, they are awesome dogs otherwise. We have tried everything within reason. Food supplements, Furminator, shedding blades. Nothing offers long term relief.

The 5 stages of shedding...
Denial: Surely, this was not the hair from just one pug?
Anger: What did you do to my black shirt?!
Bargaining: If you stop shedding, I'll give you this cookie.
Depression: ... [weeping]
Acceptance: Hey Sheddy, come here and give me a big hug.

We've finally gotten to acceptance, but we're open to trying other solutions, provided they don't hurt her. (I think a shave might be in Shelby's future.)

On the Diamond Chair

I could have been described as a bit of a clean freak before Shelby came into our lives. This impacts our interior decor decisions a lot. We recently purchased some covers for our chairs, and before we decided what color to get, we tested the swatch on Shelby. It's an awesome cover, and not coincidentally, it matches Shelby, the pug-who-hates-being-furry.

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Your advertising dollars at work

I started running Google ads on Shelby's blog a while back. 4 times a year, I get a check from Google for about $100 for running the ads. Usually I spend the money on food, snacks, and toys for Shelby. But I've been thinking for a while that I would like to help out some less fortunate pugs. The latest ad earnings went to Little Angels Pug Rescue based in Southern California.

(Don't worry, Shelby is still getting her treats and toys.)

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At the computer

Umm, hey Shelby.

I'm trying to use the computer here,

And your pug butt...well it's a little distracting.

Pug Butt

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One pug to rule them all

I just made a silly thing on ning.com. It's pug v. pug. A competition to determine Shelby's most memorable moment. Check it out.

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