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Shelby's got style...

...blog style, that is.

I work at Six Apart, and we're getting ready to launch a new product, vox.com. It's neat, if I do say so myself, and that's not because I helped out on the project. Shelby was running around the office while the project was under development. She must've made an impression on the other designers because there's a blog theme that users can apply to their blog named "Scribble: Shelby."

Coincidence? Absolutely not. In fact, there's a theme for just about every Six Apart dog.

Shelby Style

Accounts are by invite only. If you're interested, fill in the invitation field on this page and they'll send you an invite code. Here's my Vox blog. When you get there, be sure to add me as a friend :)

And here's a photo that was taken at work. This is Shelby and her pal Maddy. Maddy also has her own Vox theme, and a Vox blog.
Shelby and Maddy

I'm quite happy with the product, so it's bittersweet that I'll be taking another job shortly, and leaving Six Apart. I'm not sure if Shelby can come with me to the new company yet. It's a really small company, and I figured I'd play it by ear when I get there.

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Heritage Fair

There was a local street fair, and we walked downtown to check it out. Shelby was glad to get out, and scored a taste of the Gyro that Steven bought for me. She met lots of other dogs, and people.

Next to the Blacksmith, there was this facade of a barn.

So of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Heritage pug

Heritage pug

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A little walk

Steven and Shelby were approaching the end of their walk, and when they get on the private drive behind our house, Steven will somtimes let Shelby offleash to smell the roses. Usually, Shelby walks from house to house, sniffing around. However on this particular day, there was a visiting family hanging out in the private drive, and Shelby, who has great eagerness and love for people, especially kids, ran full speed towards the family. Steven shouted for her to come back, but she pretended not to understand.


The little boy was quite happy about seeing a dog that was his scale. The little girl, who looked like a reincarnated Shirley Temple, ran screaming in terror at the top of her lungs to hide behind her laughing mother.

I think she saw a different side of Shelby.

She's just misunderstood

Poor Shelby. She's just misunderstood.

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A little drawing

I got bored one night and did a quick sketch of Shelby. It needs some work to really communicate the dimensionality of her face. But I like it.

A first drawing

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At the car show

This weekend, Shelby came with us to the Billetproof car show. The show is very ... gritty? I'm not sure that's the right description, but it's definitely not the typical car show. This is the only car show that we've ever brought her to, and I was quite happy about it, and so was Shelby. Lots of interesting smells at the event. And she met a few other nice doggies and got lots of pets and scratches from smiling people.

Ticket taker: "What kind of pit bull is that?"
Steven: "The harmless kind" :)

Billetproof pug


Waiting for Tritip sandwiches
Here is Shelby waiting for Tritip sandwiches. She tried to cut in line several times. The pug has no manners or sense. At this show, it's unwise to get between a hungry man and his tritip.

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Garage monkeys

In preparation for our long weekend, Steven had to spend a lot of time fixing up the Falcon. This usually leaves Shelby a bit lonesome and bored. She likes the comforts of the house a lot more than the garage. And besides, there's a lot of crap that can happen while working on an old car that wouldn't be good for her. The last thing Steven and I want is to have a coolant spill while Shelby is there.

But sometimes she does miss Steven, and wants to spend some time with him while he is tooling away. Steven puts her inside the car and lets her hang out there.

In the car

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Steven and I took a long weekend. Mom offered dogsitting services! Shelby hung out with her next to her desk, and watched the action.

Gazing out the window

And between the action she slept.

What a nice life. Going to mom's always seems like such a spa retreat for Shelby. Lots of walks. Real meat. Now that's good livin'

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Shelby is wearing the telltale bandana of a professionally washed dog. Normally, I bathe her, but we wanted to get Shelby shaved in the hopes that this would reduce her shedding. But they advised us agaist it. The groomer said that because Shelby's fur is short and stiff, it might not grow back evenly. Steven called me from the pet store, and we decided not to do it because the groomers were uncomfortable with it.

Oh well. She came back to us clean, happy, and ready to get dirty again.

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Trace, Found

It was a very exciting morning. Shelby's barking out of the front window finally paid off for her, and she called another dog over. A lost dog came running towards the house. No tags, of course, they fell off. And very VERY puppy-like. He nearly dragged Steven out into the street. 4 biscuits later, 3 bowls of water, and a cup of kiblle later, we managed to tie him up so that he wouldn't run into the street. Meanwhile, his owner was out looking for him, and got word via Animal Control that he was last seen at our address.

And so we learned that his name is Trace. And he's 2 years old. And he's clearly happy to meet you.
Trace, found

...maybe a little too happy.

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I'm not sure if she wants to eat this fish, or if she's completely suspicious of it.

Shelby is also suspicious

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