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Happy Halloween!

Shelby La Mucha Poochador!

from Shelby La Mucha Poochador!

Shelby La Mucha Poochador!
With flashy cape.

Wrestling Jorge Monkey
Wrestling Jorge the Monkey

Wrestling Jorge Monkey
Jorge has the upper hand.

Finish Him Shelby!
Finish him Shelby!

Jorge Concedes
Jorge concedes.

More Halloween adventures later this week.

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What is Shelby's costume

Who is Shelby?

Here's a silhouette of Shelby in her costume.
Per previous posts, there's a mask and pants. From the silhouette, you can also gather there's a cape involved. Anyone care to venture a guess?

Sadly no prizes involved except for the adoration and awe of fellow Shelby pug blog readers.

(Puppy pals from the dog park, please don't give it away ;)

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Dog pants? Ridiculous.

The second part of Shelby's costume involves pants. I'll admit this is not the best fitting pattern. The T-shirt and mask fit her a lot better, so if you try this, I'd recommend knit fabric. So long as the pants are not too baggy, Shelby can't step out of them, and I'm a little suprised that Shelby doesn't seem to mind wearing them.

Here's a really bad drawing of what they are supposed to look like.


You can download the pattern here.

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Tis the season for costumes

It'll be hard to top the Yoda costume, but we're going to give it a try. There weren't a lot of new costumes online, so I've decided to make Shelby's costume this year. The first piece of the costume was a mask, and it's been a while since I've shared a project on the blog, so I thought I'd post it.

Download the PDF for printing.
This will make a mask that reveals the eyes, muzzle, and ears (optional). It will probably need adjustments depending on the size of the pug. It's really important to make sure the eye holes are large enough so that those bulging eyes don't get scratched...and oh yes...your pug will hate it.

Here's how to take the muzzle measurement.
Measurement instructions

Measurement instructions

As for Shelby's costume, it's a suprise, but I'll unveil it on Halloween. (And for my friends who already know....shhhhhhh :)

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Visiting the pumpkin patch

There were enough wagons for everyone on this visit. So....
Riding through the pumpkin patch

Look! Puglet!

Shelby waits while Steven pays for pumpkins.
Paying for pumpkins

She whined in the car all the way there. She went haywire smelling the hay covering the ground.Then she took a dump on the hay. She was completely uselss in helping us pick out a good pumpkin. But we all had a great time, and I just love the picture of her in the wagon, so none of that matters. :)

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Donation time!

Thanks to Shelby's readers, we've earned $136.66 for pug rescues this quarter. Last time we donated to Little Angels Pug Rescue. Click on the link, and you'll notice, I've given them permission to use Shelby's Yoda picture to promote their Halloween Howl fundraiser.

This time, the donation went to pugpros.org. If you are looking to adopt a pug, check out their homeless pugs page.

Pugpros also takes care of hospice pugs, little pugs who are too sick to be adopted out, but their foster families take care of them. Some of you may have noticed that we had a new advertiser on the site, barkslope.com. In return for running the ad, I've recieved a bit of extra money from them which I plan on donating to a little hospice pug under Pugpro's care.

Please leave a comment on which pug we should sponsor. (It's too hard to choose!) Meet Pugpro's Hospice Pugs.


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A difficult decision, made easy

After completing my first week at the new job, Steven and I decided we should celebrate by having dinner in San Francisco. We ate at Morton's. A terribly pricey but very good steakhouse. We usually go once a year, the day after Thanksgiving to take in the frenzy that is the holiday shopping season. But we decided that starting a new job was an equally go reason to celebrate, and decided to splurge.

Our server walked us through the menu. Everything sounded good, however, my no. 1 goal was to save room for dessert, so I wanted a small steak. That is — until Steven pointed out that if I ordered the ridiculously huge (and pricey) prime rib, that Shelby would get a bone.

So of course I ordered the prime rib. And yes, it was the size of my head. I didn't finish it, therefore I had room for dessert.

The following day, Steven and I dined on leftover prime rib for lunch, and Shelby had a fine bone to gnaw on.

Prime Rib Bone

Wait for it....Wait for it...


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Having read on the blog that Shelby had caught a cold, mom was concerned for Shelby's warmth during her evening walks. This sweater she made buttons in the back, so the leash still works with the harness.

Toasty sweater

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At mom's

While Shelby was staying with my parents, my mom was nice enough to snap a couple photos of her. Mom takes Shelby for a long walk twice a day. Shelby has grown so used to the routine, that she will go sit by the door when she feels that it must be walk time.

We didn't bring the walking harness, so mom used Shelby's seatbelt harness instead.

In her seatbelt harness

Shelby pulls a lot in this harness, but that hardly matters when walking with mom, because mom basically let's Shelby do whatever she wants.

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Pug Poetry

I just got this email from fellow pug blogger Matt, from Urbanpug.com

He's holding a Pug Poetry contest, and would like Shelby to help get the word out.

Too funny. I think I may need to enter that. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible poet.

Hey there! I love your blog. I think it's amazingly cool that Shelby has her own Vox template.

Anyway, I'm Gizmo and Gadget's dad, from UrbanPug.com
I just wanted to let you know (maybe you can let your readers know?) that we're running a Pug Poetry contest. We're giving away some prizes (a copy of the book, Pug Therapy, a P is for Pug T-Shirt, and a pug bumper sticker).

I'm really hoping to see some creative results, and i'd appreciate any help getting the word out.

Matt from Urban Pug
(With Gizmo and Gadget providing some snores in the background)

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