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Christmas comes early

We occasionally get packages at the door, and Shelby gets really excited and wants to meet the delivery person, and of course, she always thinks the packages are for her. The mailman likes her, but the FedEx guy is terrified for some reason. So when this box arrived at the door, Shelby was very pleased that this was finally her day. The package was for her! Angie, one of Shelby's blog readers, and her pug Merry, sent over some little stuffed toys to cheer her up while she's having tummy troubles.

What a lucky girl you are Shelby.
And thank you Angie and Merry! Shelby loves her new toys. :)

It's a coffee cup, not teacup :)

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Belated Fall Cleanup

The deck has been covered in leaves, and at Steven's suggestion, we went out to clear up the fall mess before the rain started. Shelby was out there with us, romping around in the leaves, and having a good ole time. We got out there just in time. Just as we finished, it started raining cats and err...pugs.

After we swept up the leaves, we also noticed footprints. Lots and lots of racoon footprints that led all the way up to the window. Kinda creepy. It's like they are casing the joint.

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Shelby joined us at mom's for Thanksgiving. My Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin were also there, and they gave Shelby lots of love an attention. Shelby took advantage by sitting on their laps, and alternating between trying to take a nap, or snag some food. I'm not sure what's going on here. Either everyone loves Shelby, or everyone is trying to "heal" her allergies through the laying of hands.

The Thanksgiving laying of hands upon the pug

Did it work Shelby? Can you have turkey now?

Of course this is a far cry from where we were last week. This is photo evidence of an event rarer than a sasquatch sighting. Shelby left her breakfast. I guess this Venison kibble isn't quite as tasty, eh pug?


This has only happened once before when overnight, she decided that Iams sucked.

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Food logs

I've been keeping a log of everything Shelby eats, how much, whether or not she had Benedryl, and what the reaction is. I think the Wellness Chicken Kibble allergy theories are sound. I gave her a little bit as a test, and her poop went a bit soft. I think Wellness Chicken Flavor is definitely a problem. Steven suspects that all this experimentation might have more to do with it, and that might be as well.

This doesn't mean that the new food is doing any better. Shelby is hungry so she'll eat it, but she obviously doesn't like the new food as much. Plus, this morning, we gave her 1/2 cup and she got welts again, even with the Benedryl.

I suppose I should be grateful that Shelby's not a complainly pug. She's taking this whole thing like a champ, which makes me feel bad about experimenting with her food.

So what's next?
Well we will probably keep giving her the venison and potato kibble until after Thanksgiving. She gets welts, but her puking has stopped. We are visiting mom's for Thanksgiving. Mom loves Shelby, and would have her over no matter her condition. Even so, I can't imagine that a barfy runny pug is going to be the life of the party. I'll be sure to take some pictures to share with all of you.

After that, I'm going to test some boiled meats to see how she does. Tonight's test with a bit of boiled turkey liver worked out quite well. And the little bit of boiled beef she got also seems to have no allergic effect. And the bit of cheese we wrap her Benedryl pills in also has no effect. Good news for Shelby. At least she can still eat some of her favorite things.

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Leg O'lammiedoodle

Leg O' Lammie

Lammie suffered an injury during playtime. Shelby come back with that leg.

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Shelby's trip to the vet

Here are some pictures I took with my cameraphone while we were waiting for the vet. Despite a very nice man, and being very gentle with Shelby, she is still scared when she comes here. I guess there's a little part of her that just hates getting something stuck up her butt. I don't blame her. When she's waiting, she puts her face very close to mine, so that my face fills up her entire field of vision. I rub her ears to make her feel better.

Comforting Shelby at the Vet
Here I am comforting her, though maybe a little too much. It looks like I'm smothering her.

Waiting for the vet
Here is Shelby, waiting in front of the brochure wall of terrible pet diseases.

Waiting for the vet

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More food mysteries

Shelby has been getting a bit better, however this food allergy just gets more mysterious—to the point where I wonder if it's actually a food allergy.

Shelby has been puking less often, and less volume. Since she's been getting 1 Benedryl a day, her puke frequency has dropped to once every 12-24 hours, and it's far far less. It makes me think that the vomitting and the welts are related to allergies.

However, here's where the mysterious part starts.
Wellness kibble
A tasty quality kibble that Shelby has been eating for 2 years. Contains chicken and brown rice.
Shelby gets welts after eating.

Boiled chicken and rice
We fed this to her during her bout of diarrhea.
No reaction.
But then we fed it to her after the allergy symptoms showed up and she broke out in welts immediately, and would vomit nearly all of it.

Venison and potato prescription kibble

No chicken or rice.
First feeding of 1/4 cup. No welts, but she threw everything up.
Second feeding + 20mg of Benedryl= No allergic reaction
Third feeding + 20mg of Benedryl = welts. (What?)

Welts from Venison and Potato Kibble

I'm confused. What's wrong with you puppy?

As for the prescription kibble, it seems to be harder to eat. Shelby pulls her kibble out of the bowl to crunch it.

As for what to do next, I'm not sure. It doesn't seem to matter what we give her, the welts show up, even though the vomiting has gotten better.

Additional clues...
I mentioned that she smelled different prior to these symptoms showing up. Maybe something in her body chemistry has changed? She only gets welts in areas where she can lick. Her muzzle, and certain parts of her underbelly.

It may be that she got into something or ate something that has made her more sensitive to food in general. Maybe they sprayed the dog park?

So now what?
Because I'm sitting on more kibble that I've ever purchased in my life, I'm not ready to try different kinds of kibble just yet. Besides that it's a lot of storage space we don't have.

Another 24 hour fast is not out of the question.

Yogurt with active cultures. We used to give yogurt without active cultures to her as part of breakfast, but stopped when the diarrhea showed up.

More tests at the vet. Steven's thinking a blood test to see if she caught anything.

But enough of that. Shelby looks bored, so I think I'll go play with her.

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Allergy update

Last night Shelby threw up her chicken and rice dinner. We let her sleep in the bed, and I normally sleep like a log, but my spidey senses were tingling at about 5:30am, and I got up, grabbed the pup, and ran her to the bathroom just in time for her to puke. Oh poor gal. She's lost another meal.

This morning, we tried giving her just a little bit of chicken and rice, hoping that less quantity might help. She broke out in hives, almost immediately.


To deal with the hives, the vet recommended 20mg of Benedryl, so Steven wrapped the pill in a bit of chicken and she swallowed it right up. This whole diarrhea, puking, and hive situtation has not deterred Shelby's love for a good piece of chicken. In fact, it hasn't deterred her love of food at all.

It seems to have helped. It's now 11:30pm, and Shelby has not barfed up her breakfast. Perhaps the vomit and the allergy is related? The vet called to follow-up, and Steven told them what happened. They said that we might need to force her digestive system to "reset" by fasting her.

"A dog can fast for up to 3 days so long as they stay hydrated."

Wow. Little Shelby with no food for 3 days? Besides that she doesn't have a ton of reserves, she's a consumate beggar. Even if she can handle a 3 day fast, can Steven and I? We decided to try it for 24 hours and see how that goes. She was sitting on my lap snoring away earlier this evening and I could hear her stomach grumble.

Oooo. this is going to be very hard...for me that is.

And thanks very much for all your well wishes and recommendations. Steven and I are pondering them. And because I didn't want to leave you all very worried about Shelby over the weekend, here's a little video I took of us playing tonight. She's very much still the happy, vibrant dog.

By the way, that's Braveheart you hear in the background. Shelby seemed unaffected by the poingnancy of the moment.

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Allergy woes

Night Time

I'm afraid this has not been a fun week for Shelby. The squirts have cleared up, but other problems have appeared. This picture was taken about 15 mins after Shelby threw up her dinner. It was 3:30am. This is the second night where she's thrown up. She wanted to come into bed with us, but we were concerned that she might throw up in the bed. So after cleaning up the vomit, Steven pulled her bed closer so she would feel more secure.

Oatmeal BathWe also noticed that she developed welts on her face an underbelly. We cleaned EVERYTHING. We wiped her down. But it soon became clear that it was her kibble that was causing the problem. The more she ate, the worse the welts were. Poor thing was probably quite itchy. Luckily it never got so bad that she couldn't breathe. And they always went away within an hour. I gave her an Aveeno Oatmeal bath to soothe her skin.

We took her to the vet. The first part of the mystery was why, after finishing the almost the entire bag of food, she would suddenly develop an allegery. The second part of the mystery was why she was vomiting so far after she ate. Usually, if something is going to happen, it happens right away.

So without getting any conclusive answers from the vet, we did get a prescription for low-ingredient kibble so we can better identify what she's allergic to. We gave her a bit, and she didn't develop any welts, however about 2 hours later, she wandered off to her window seat and threw it all up.

We're not sure what's wrong. She's lost 1lbs over 3 weeks. Poor Shelby, and she must not feel good, and she's probably terribly hungry. Steven is making her a chicken and rice dinner right now with the hopes that she can keep this down.

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The squirts

After one too many treats at Halloween, Shelby had a bout of what Steven and I call "the squirts." I have never been more happy that we have the litter box. She can run to it, and do her business in case of emergency.

Because she was her usual perky self, we figured she had just eaten too many treats, and after some googling, Steven figured out that a chicken and rice diet would be a good idea to clear up her system.

And as you can see, Shelby hates it. :)

Don't bother me. I'm eating..

Coincidentally, about this same time, Shelby pug reader, Lucy, sent us an email about Shelby's horoscope on thepamperedpup.com. Here's Shelby's horoscope (she's a Sagittarious.)

You may find it hard to believe, but the world won’t come to an end if you stay out of circulation for a spell; if you conserve your energy you’ll recover from a recently acquired ailment much faster. Whether it’s a tummy ache from some spoiled food you ate or a passing virus you’ve contracted, it makes sense to rest till you’re feeling up to par. A visit to the vet may be needed, in which case your human companion will attend to getting you an appointment.

Thanks Lucy!

After about a week of Steven's magically healing chicken and rice, Shelby is back to her normal looking poops. No more squirts.

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