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At the table

No. You may not have that apple pie.

Gazing at the Apple Pie

And before you all call me a meanie, Shelby had already eaten:

  • Her kibble
  • A pup-cake from Three Dog Bakery. It was in her stocking. She took the frosting clean off in one bite.
  • Cheerios
  • Kettle corn
  • A prime rib bone. A really nice one. She thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • And I think she may have convinced someone to sneak her some ice cream.

Goodness pug, it's amazing you didn't get sick.

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Christmas gifts

Mom made Shelby this sweet Christmas sweater.

Her new holiday sweater

Very elegant Shelby. You look very nice.

Here she is wearing last year's Christmas sweater and hat, while (re)opening Mister Duck.

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Christmas Eve

Where's Shelby?

We went for a drive to look for houses that were decked out in too much Christmas. We stopped by the town tree before going home. Can you see Shelby? Look for the flaming blue eyes.

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Merry Christmas Duke

Meet Duke. He's recooperating from surgery because he fractured his legs and shoulder when jumping off the bed. Poor fella is just a puppy. This quarter's earnings from advertising on Shelby's blog are going to help pay for Duke's surgeries. Thanks to all of our readers out there.

Merry Christmas little puppy. Get well soon.

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The Interrogation of Shelby Pug

We bought a quacking duck toy from the dog bakery as a Christmas present for Shelby. She really liked the noise it made. Though she didn't see me wrap it, she kept sniffing around the gift, as if she knew it was hers. Maybe it still had a hint of dog bakery smell. In any case, this is what happened next.

She knew perfectly well that she was not to open that gift. And while I'm away, and Steven is working in his office, Shelby appears playing with Mr. Duck. That's a naughty girl.

Steven's interrogation tactic was a bit different.

After filming, she kept hopping on her interrogation chair hoping for more Cheerios.

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Under the tree

Under the tree

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Christmas tree lights

Right after I took the Santa Stocking photo, I took a picture of the Christmas tree, and Shelby walked right in to pose.


Puglet, are you starting to embrace your papparazzi?
Maybe she thinks she's going to get a treat if she poses?

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I was wrapping gifts

Shelby was here

...and you can pretty much guess what happened next.

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Crazed Santa Stocking

Crazed Santa Stocking

I'm not sure why she's not freaked out by this stocking. I think she thinks it a toy. She tried to eat the beard when Steven showed it to her. Notice the little fake sheepskin on the hearth? We picked it up at IKEA a few days ago. She tried to eat that too. It took a bit to teach her that this was for sleeping by the fireplace, not for eating.

(I intented to just take a picture of the stocking, and Shelby wandered into the shot. Who am I to deny her a photo op?)

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Christmas tree hunting

Find us a tree
Find us a tree Shelby!

Pug sized forest
Shelby, what's with that look on your face? You can go back to smelling the hay after we take this picture. (Goodness pug, what did you do to your harness?)


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