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Roomba lives

Roomba lives

Roomba busted about 6 months ago due to my neglect. Ultimately, it was my hair, and not Shelby's that caused Roomba to meet an untimely death. So we finally bought a new one. Roomba scheduler. Here's Shelby, meeting new Roomba for the first time.

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I'm a Cutie!

I'm a Cutie

I managed to pick up some "Cutie" tangerines before the frost took out the California citrus harvest. I took a sticker off one of the tangerines and stuck it on Shelby's forehead.

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So cold!

So cold!

Last week's freezing temperatures not only froze the creek behind our house, but left Shelby hunting for warm laps all week. Here she is warming up in Steven's lap as the heater kicks in.

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but don't forget Barkslope...

I've been having some fun playing dress up with Shelby, and since the H. Doodle photo turned out reasonably well, I decided it was overdue to make my own barkslope photo too. What do you think? Shelby did a pretty good job eh? She certainly gives Barkslope's Golden Retriever a run for his money.

Shelby for Barkslope

The tie choice was very controversial, as the first tie I pulled out of the closet was apparently far too expensive for miss Shelby to wear. There was a lot of name dropping. Armani, I think. Whatever.

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Donation time

As I mentioned, H. Doodle sent us a bit of money for advertising, so it's donation time again. Thanks to H. Doodle and all of you out there reading this blog, hopefully some little pugs over at pugpros are getting fed really nicely.

For example, Hershell, who is up for adoption :)

Or perhaps, Gabriella

Is your heart melting yet?

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Please welcome H. Doodle

Good news! H. Doodle has just signed on as an advertiser, and therefore we have a bit more money to give to pug rescues. (More about donations later.) You can see their darling little ad on the right side of this blog. In honor of our new advertiser, I dressed Shelby up as their logo (perhaps mister H. Doodle himself) and after some Photoshopping, came up with this...

Shelby as H. Doodle

And more good news on the donation front, H. Doodle donates 15% of sales generated from Shelby's blog to a non-profit of our choice. Neat :)

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Mister Duck lives...for now

As you may recall, Shelby was so excited about getting Mr. Duck for Christmas that she opened him early, and was consequently interrogated, and she and Mr. Duck were separated.

I am happy to report that she and Mr. Duck have been reunited since Christmas, and are getting along famously.

And by "getting along famously" I mean that Shelby is trying to tear him apart, much like she did her latest Lamiedoodle. Alas, after a brilliant recovery from a severed leg, Lamiedoodle has suffered a mortal wound to the chest and must be retired. I've tried fixing a chest wound before, and it just never really works out.

As for me, Mr. Duck is quite noisy and irritating, but I am glad Shelby likes it, and no doubt she will destroy him soon, and we can replace him with a less noisy toy.

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The Ayatollah Mugsley...

is in trouble, as Blue Bull has attempted a coup while he is in rehab.

Shelby (ahem) "left" a comment supporting Mugsely threatening that a pug army would rise to his defense when he returns. (OK, maybe it was me) I hope you all got his back. :)

Ayatollah Mugsely is one of my favorite Pug sites.

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Chilly Shelby

The heater (top)

Hey, so um...Shelby...I think you're a little close to that heater. How about backing up a few inches?

The heater (side)

Come on...just a few inches, your eyes are going to dry out. It's 70ยบ in the house. It's not that cold Shelby.

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While Making my New Years Dress...

Play with me
Oh Shelby, what a nice girl you are to wait for me to finish drafting my sewing pattern. Yes, you are a very good dog.

Waiting patiently

And I will think of you as this very sweet dog in this picture. Not as the naughty pup who, when I wasn't looking, ran off with the eraser, and quietly chewed the top off while sitting in your crate. Surely that could not have been the same pup.

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