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Shelby comes to work

Part of the clumsiness of bringing Shelby to work is that she cries if I leave her with someone, yet there are few places I can bring her for lunch. I get nervous when she's out of my sight, tied up somewhere, while I wait for a sandwich. This nearby deli thankfully allows me to keep an eye on her while I buy something.

This of course, doesn't stop Shelby from looking very sad and lonely, despite the fact that I'm 10 feet from her.

Waiting for me to get a sandwich

Please let me in

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Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

We celebrated by having a nice New Years Eve dinner at my parent's place. Shelby wore her little chinese dress, and scored some nice beef. Happy New Year!

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Hide a Squirrel

A big paws up from Shelby on her new toy, Hide-a-squirrel. She really likes it, and immediately was obsessed with it once I opened the box. 3 fuzzy squirrel tails! What's not to like?

And of course, the point is to remove the squirrels from the tree trunk, which Shelby got the hang of immediately....until I whipped out the video camera, and of course she sat there and licked squirrel tail the entire time. Eew. Slimy squirrel.

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I think this is that look that kids must give their parents when they are too old to give mom and dad a hug in front of their friends. Shelby has this "I'm just tolerating this" look on her face. I think she wants to play instead.

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Petunia and Shelby at play

Petunia's owner took a video of Shelby and Petunia romping around the office. I'm so pleased they get along so well. Furthermore, this video is more proof that Shelby won't fetch.

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Yay for doggie bags!

And that my friends...is love

Steven and I went to dinner at a steakhouse, which means that although Shelby was bored while we were out, she was delieriously happy over the steak from our doggie bag. She nearly bit Steven's fingers as he was feeding her.

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Happy anniversary Shelby!

It was 3 years ago today that we brought Shelby home. Here's a photo of her sleeping in my lap on the way home. What a cutie.

We celebrated by giving her some bits of leftover steak, and playing with the insufferably noisy Mister Duck (one of Shelby's favorite toys). The first night she came home with us, Steven didn't want her to cry, so we put the dog bed on our bed, and she slept there all night. Sure enough, she didn't cry that night, nor any night she's spent as part of our family. We don't let her sleep in the bed that often, but on anniversary night, she's always welcome.

Happy anniversary Shelby! We're so glad you're part of the family now.

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Office buddies

The office is dog friendly, so I brought Shelby on Friday, because she was bored at home, but also I thought it would be nice to have her company. She promptly took a dump in the office (bad girl) which I cleaned up. She later figured out that despite the size of the place, it was not OK to poop here. Accident free for 2.5 years, and she decides to screw up now. Ugh. But she was a bit out of sorts because she didn't pee all day depsite many trips to a rather inviting looking tree. She does this whenever the environment is new. Next time I'll bring her litter box in my trunk so if she really needs to go, she has a place.

A new friend

There was already an office pug named Petunia. EVERYONE knows Petunia. She comes everyday, and she is hilarious. So of course when Shelby showed up, everyone came up to her and said "Hi Petunia!" and gave her a nice pet on the head. By the end of the day, people were starting to tell the difference between the two. Hopefully the color coded collars helped. Plus, Shelby typically looks more worried than Petunia.

Shelby and Petunia got along very well, and would occasionally chase each other around the office.

As for Shelby's performance as an office pug, she did just OK. After the morning's poop incident, she sat in on my presentation and proceeded to try out everyone's laps, and then smell everything, prompting her to have a sneezing fit. Not very dignified, but she did quite well the rest of the day. We are looking for improvement, otherwise this is going to show up on her annual review.

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Shelby and the Superbowl

Super Bowl
Shelby's unimpressed by the Superbowl. Of course, the Superbowl had to compete with a nice beef bone we gave her. It never had a chance.

But what about Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet?
Puppy Bowl
No? Still not impressed?

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This string is amazing!

Phew, it's been quite a week. Sorry I've been remiss is my regular M, W, F posts. Here's a little video of Shelby playing. For all the toys we get her, she really digs the simple things in life. Licking the floor. Sniffing things in "nature", and this string.

Yeah...she really digs this string.

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