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Shelby and the Superbowl

Super Bowl
Shelby's unimpressed by the Superbowl. Of course, the Superbowl had to compete with a nice beef bone we gave her. It never had a chance.

But what about Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet?
Puppy Bowl
No? Still not impressed?

February 5, 2007 | Permalink


Shelby should be invited to appear at
next year's Super Puppy Bowl! She could
really show them how to attack a big bone
and play with string..with her Cutie Face
she would be a star!

Posted by: Jade | Feb 5, 2007 10:38:15 AM

how funny! i am proud to say this year i did not have to watch one second of the superbowl, but i did remember the puppy bowl from last year and tuned in just for a moment - and that was exactly the part we saw! too funny. watched until that dog was using it's paws to get all the water out of the water dish and onto the asphalt, best part ;)

Posted by: stephanie | Feb 5, 2007 12:05:52 PM

Shelby probably rooted for The Bears because they were the underdogs.

Posted by: Mike | Feb 5, 2007 3:52:36 PM

I'm pretty sure she was just rooting for her bone. Maybe Prince.

Posted by: Randon | Feb 6, 2007 5:00:18 AM

Our pug, Leo, went nuts watching the puppy bowl. There was much racing around and barking whenever the puppy barking sounds were made. However, he was also unimpressed by the reail Super Bowl.

Posted by: Jessica | Feb 7, 2007 6:38:17 PM

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