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Shelby comes to work

Part of the clumsiness of bringing Shelby to work is that she cries if I leave her with someone, yet there are few places I can bring her for lunch. I get nervous when she's out of my sight, tied up somewhere, while I wait for a sandwich. This nearby deli thankfully allows me to keep an eye on her while I buy something.

This of course, doesn't stop Shelby from looking very sad and lonely, despite the fact that I'm 10 feet from her.

Waiting for me to get a sandwich

Please let me in

February 26, 2007 | Permalink


I hate seeing dogs tied up outside in New York City. They always look so sad. Plus, it's so dangerous!

Posted by: MissPinkKate | Feb 26, 2007 7:52:25 AM

She's upset because she can't read the menu.I think she wants to order a sandwich.

Posted by: Mike | Feb 26, 2007 8:24:21 AM

Poor pitful girl. It's hard to be 10 feet from mama.

Posted by: Kelly | Feb 26, 2007 8:49:52 AM

yeah, i don't know how people leave their dogs tied out like that. i'd be a nervous wreck. one time, i was on my way to my parents house and realized i had no cash to pay the toll, and had to stop at the atm. i had to leave moxie and p in the car [don't worry, it was on, and properly ventilated on neither a very hot nor cold day] while i literally RAN to the atm, with them in sight and went as fast as i could.

Posted by: stephanie | Feb 26, 2007 10:27:08 AM

Yes, Shelby misses her human mommy even if she can smell and hear and see you! Is her crying
a sort of a soft whine? Do you have a suggestion to cure or stop the hiccups in small dogs?
It is so loving of you to take your poochie to work with you, and you're lucky you can do so because many work places forbid canines. Thank you for your videos, pictures and narratives!

Posted by: Jade | Feb 26, 2007 12:33:43 PM

you could always pack a lunch and eat it with shelby

Posted by: nadine | Feb 26, 2007 3:57:08 PM

As always ... soooo adorable. Just look at that cute munchkin face watching you. She just makes your heart melt. She wuvs you!!

Posted by: Maggie | Feb 26, 2007 4:53:23 PM

Lonely... or hungry?

Posted by: Randon | Feb 26, 2007 7:01:15 PM

Mommy? Are you giving me away to this deli shop owner? Mommy are you leaving me here?

Posted by: Marc | Feb 27, 2007 7:18:58 AM

She has that sad look that no other dog but a pug can get. It's the wrinkles.

Posted by: Shelby | Feb 27, 2007 7:33:01 AM

aww, poor baby! i wouldn't be able to leave my dog alone for a couple of seconds if i had one! :( it's ok, shelby! mommy's right there!

Posted by: dana | Feb 27, 2007 8:25:21 AM

Oh my goodness...
She is probably hinting to you, don't forget about me.

Posted by: Joanne | Feb 27, 2007 8:41:20 AM

my pugs have always had hiccups, especially as babies, they usually grow out of it. my 5-year-old sam still gets them occasionally, but they are self-limiting. i wouldn't worry too much about them unless the dog i uncomfortable or vomiting with them. i aske my vet about it awhile ago and that was the advise he gave me. small dogs, especially pugs, tend to swallow alot of air, ergo, it comes out somewhere, either the upper or lower end, if you know what i mean. hope this helps.

Posted by: nadine | Feb 27, 2007 3:34:17 PM

I'm so jealous whereever you live looks nice and warm we up here in alberta canada have snow still and shelby looks really really cute

Posted by: Donna | Feb 27, 2007 8:04:55 PM

yup...me too...right now in Ontario Canada we are having a snow-ice storm just starting..warmer climates are always on our minds aren't they fellow Canukes???

Posted by: Ann Crago | Mar 1, 2007 12:18:19 PM

Poor thing. Maybe you should just bring your lunch...

Posted by: Cubby | Mar 1, 2007 8:40:08 PM

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