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Shelby's deleriously happy to be at The Wine Steward. They are dog friendly, and every once in a while, Shelby gets to meet the resident dogs, Bruce and Haley.

Shelby at the Wine Steward

Unfortunately, this photo comes after Shelby behaved very very badly at Friday Sushi night. She barked loudly at all the dogs that pass by, and disturbed all of the nice couples trying to enjoy a dinner. You would never guess by looking at her face that she had been very evil just 30 minus prior.

Bad dog!

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What do you think of our new bonsai, Shelby?

Shelby and our new bonsai

Not impressed, eh? I guess it's a bit small to pee on.
Shelby's serious face

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Steven and I decided that we needed a change of atmosphere, and so we drove down to Carmel.

Dig Shelby Dig

Shelby dug it.

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Donation time!

This quarter's ad earnings goes to myspecialdog.com, a website by Molly Inspires Foundation. They help dogs with special needs. We learned about this site through a casual stroll through our local downtown area. We met a family who took a liking to Shelby, and told us about their sister's pug, Molly, who is the inspiration for the site. Check out Molly's story.

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Stuck in traffic

Shelby came with me to work a couple Fridays ago. After work we drove from San Francisco to our friends place in Emeryville. It's about 8 miles, but it took 45 minutes. While we were in this horrendous traffic, I snapped this photo is a terribly bored and pathetic looking Shelby.

Bored in traffic

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Pet Food Recall

I thought I'd drop a quick note to let you know that Shelby's not eating wet food, so her food is not part of the recall. I know how you all worry about her. :)

I hope all the puggies out there are OK.

-- UPDATE, March 23, 2007 --
Looks like the problem is rat poison.

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Shelby, an environmental disaster

Shelby, an environmental disaster

Shelby, an environmental disaster

See Shelby? This is what you get when you are begging in the kitchen, and generally annoying the chef. You get "sea-turtled."

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Shelby on drums

Shelby on drums

Shelby poses on Steven's new drum set. Because that's what you do when you have a pug. You put them on the things you buy, and take a photo of them.

And I'm not sure why that is, but it's true.

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Shelby's Breakfast

When Shelby was a puppy, she would get urinary tract infections a lot, and to combat that, we started giving her only filtered water, and a bit of yogurt with breakfast. The infections have gone away, but we continue with the water ahd yogurt, because it seemed like a good idea, and Shelby loves it. I had to call her several times to get her attention while she was eating.

This yogurt was labelled as "smooth and creamy" which I think is the nice way of saying running and icky. I don't care much for eating the texture, however it gets all over Shelby's face, and that does make for a good laugh.

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The remorseless pug

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