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The remorseless pug

March 7, 2007 | Permalink


Too funny! I love how Shelby is playing it cool. Like I would never do such a thing.

Posted by: Corrine | Mar 7, 2007 7:22:10 AM

Someone (I don't know who) left it in Shelby's space. If she can get to it and it smells like mom or dad....
Someone should put their valuables up higher.

Posted by: edieparks | Mar 7, 2007 5:36:31 PM

First Mr. Duck, now this. When will her crime spree come to an end?

Hey Winnie... where did you find Lamiedoodle? Is that what it's really called? Muggins really likes the stuffed tug toys, and I bet he'd be into it.

Posted by: Randon | Mar 7, 2007 7:13:52 PM

Funny enough it is actually called Lamiedoodle. And we found our mst recent Lamie at Petsmart.

Posted by: Winnie | Mar 7, 2007 7:44:15 PM

The midnight stalker strikes again! Bless her little buttons...if she can get to it, she will!

Posted by: Traci Brennan | Mar 8, 2007 9:59:07 AM

I don't believe she had anything to do with the latest crime...you are mistaken,Mum, it MUST have been someone else...just check out the innocent face...she doesn't know what you are talking about!!!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Mar 8, 2007 1:00:43 PM

What? Who me? Nope, not me. You must be mistaken mommy.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 8, 2007 2:10:50 PM

"The Remorseless Pug" made me laugh out loud, and it keeps doing it every time I see it. So true, in many many pug situations! Shelby brightens every day for me. She is such a joy! Thank you for taking the time to post such great stories, photos and videos.

Posted by: Rachel Wright | Mar 9, 2007 6:00:23 AM

Oh yes! We've had these 'conversations' before. Although puggy seems interested and sometimes remorseful, it seldom does any good.

It's a good thing they are so darn cute!

Posted by: Priscilla | Mar 9, 2007 3:49:00 PM

Remorseless pugs. Sigh. I'm training one right now and I'm at my wits end.

Posted by: Ashley Autopsy | Mar 10, 2007 7:13:15 AM

Dakota has no shame, either. I have enough for all three of us!

Posted by: Cubby | Mar 11, 2007 10:44:07 PM

LOL - Loki loves to chew my clips too. Of course when I start to get angry I hear my Mom's voice "well your brother could break your things if they were put away could he." Grr 43 years old...when do the tapes in my head wear out. ;-)

Posted by: Katherine | Mar 13, 2007 1:29:38 PM

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