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A photo of Shelby on our balcony. Steven and I call this "playing Gargoyle." We never used to let her play up there when she was a puppy because she was too small and could slip through the vertical slats. Now that she's older, she can lounge up there, barking at the people and squirrels without falling out.

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More about the Pet Food Recall

My friend and former co-worker has been diligently updating people on the pet food recall on her LiveJournal blog. If this news is making your head spin, I'd highly recommend checking out her journal because she's really up to date on the news. Today she's posted additional recalled foods. It's pretty scary that the list keeps getting longer and longer. I'm hoping this results in some reform around pet food manufacturing and standards.

If you check her site out, please leave her a comment. It's always nice to know that others are listening. :)

Till then, thanks Janine, and keep up the good work.

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The view from here...

...is all butt and bone.

Butt and bone

Shelby's really into the beef bone my mom gave her. So much so, that she doesn't notice me taking this rather "candid" picture of her.

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Something's just a little off

Something's missing

Steven and Shelby go on their walk, Steven does a double take. Where's the rest of that house? Shelby however is still concerning herself with where all the other dogs before her have peed. As she's grown older, this is pretty much routine on our walks.

Take ten steps.
Take another 10 steps.
Try to pee, but can't because she spent all her pee 10 steps ago.
Check out weird house with only 1 wall.

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All gone

Yes it's true Shelby. The sandwich is gone. The humans ate it, leaving you to stare longingly at the crumbs on the plate.

All gone

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PugSpot launches!


Since I'm a Web designer for online social networks, I was pleasantly suprised to hear that there is now a social site for pug owner. Josh and Ashley dropped me a email announcing their launch. The site is well designed, and the logo is very sweet! I know that a lot of you like to share you pug photos, and I'm sorry I don't have the ability to host them here, but you'll be able to at pugspot.com.

And it's nice to hear that the Internet just got a bit more pugly.

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A whopping Easter

Shelby joined us at Steven's brother's for Easter. One of the kids had a carton of Whoppers in their room, and while Steven and I were socializing, Shelby tore into it. We're not sure how many she ate, if any at all. However she seems no worse for wear from the experience, as Whoppers are covered in carob, not chocolate.

A Whopping Easter

We thought about whether or not we should blog this, as we would hate to worry you all about how irresponsible Shelby's people are. I decided that this would be a good cautionary tale, and Steven noted that all of dog ownership is just one gigantic cautionary tale.

Goodness Shelby, what a scare you gave us.

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Wannabe Snoopy

Shelby, what are you doing up there?


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Tears of a pug

Shelby was sitting on my desk watching the world go by. I took a look at her, and realized she had a gigantic tear in her eye.

The tears of a pug

What's the matter Shelby? The white man's littering got you down?

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Bath time for toys

Oh Shelby, all your little friends smell bad.

All of Shelby's friends smell bad

Shelby whined while she was waiting for them to get out of the dryer.

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