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Mom was out of town for Mother's Day so we ccelebrated a bit late. Shelby's company was requested at dinner, and so here she is, watching mom break up some carrots for her.

Shelby begs for carrots on Mother's Day

Lucky girl.

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Pug gone nuts!

The other day I came home from work to find a completely wild pug. Shelby was nuts with excitement, and I'm not sure why. As Steven and I were getting ready for dinner, Shelby had bounced in and out of the master tub several times, wbfore finally settling down and lying on the tub floor.

Shelby spontaneously jumps in the tub

Goofy girl, what's gotten into you?

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Shelby is up for adoption

I know what you're thinking, but it's not our Shelby. Dennis from South San Jose, CA just wrote me. He needs to part with his pug, also named Shelby. Sadly he needs to part with his Shelby because he is relocating and cannot find a dog-friendly place to live. Here's how he describes his Shelby. "She is well-behaved and grew up with a cat in the house. Shelby knows how to: sit, roll-over, stay, down, shake, fetch. She is in perfect health, microchipped and all her vet visits are up to date. I was hoping that you might know someone who is looking a pug and could provide her a nice loving home. Ideally, we would like to find a person who is currently owned by a pug or used to be owned in the past :)" If anyone knows of a loving home for Dennis' Shelby please leave a comment here, or email me at shelby(at)gopugyourself.com. Visit Dennis' website for more pictures of his Shelby.

UPDATE: Shelby has been adopted by a new family. Thanks to all who inquired.

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A warm day

Really nice weather means a nice walk downtown. We rested for a bit to grab a nice cool drink, and Steven cupped an ice cube for Shelby to lick.

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Shelby's first day at the new office part 2

The office is on the 10th floor. Much too far to drag a laptop and Shelby day pack. We took Shelby's first elevator ride. She is very suspicious, and everytime we walk in, she tries to walk right back out. Luckily the doors auto open when she does that. She's standing near my feet, which is where she usually is when she feels uncertain. Now that I think about it, if you didn't know what an elevator did, it should seem pretty freaky. You go in, the door closes, there's a humming sound, and when it opens again, you're somplace else. Must seem pretty sketchy to a dog, although the humans at work have also expressed that they also think this particular elevator is a bit sketchy.

The Elevator at work

We have our own bathroom at the office, and it's nice to not need to walk down the hall. Because Shelby will bark and whine when she doesn't know where I am, I bring her in and tie her to a faucet so that she doesn't invade anyone's privacy.

However, our new bathroom is smaller, so...

the Bathroom at work

Hmm, I see I'm going to have to tie her to the furthest faucet.

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First day at the new office

My company finally outgrew it's location, so we moved, and this was Shelby's first day visiting the new office. Unfortunately, on this particular day, none of the other dogs showed up.

Lonesome at work


I paid 25 bucks for parking to bring Shelby instead of taking public transportation. Double bummer.

So instead the humans at the office played with her, and got a great laugh at her antics. She charmed everyone, even when she was being bad...like when she went "shopping" in the trash cans, or started to walk on her hind legs to reach the company pizza.

Additionally, we discovered that unlike that famous skateboarding bulldog, Shelby can't shred.

Shelby's no skateboarder

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Watching the world go by

This is a terrible photo of the funniest thing that Shelby has ever done.

She grabbed her little squirrel (from her hide-a-squirrel toy) and was watching cars go by our front window with it. It was so silly looking that I thought Steven had placed the squirrel there, but not so. She did that herself.

Watching the world go by, with squirrely

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Check that thing out

Steven has the rather messy hobby of cars. We are preparing to run in the 24 Hours of LeMons race in July, and that means a lot of prep work. Here's a photo of Shelby checking out our borrowed car trailer that will eventually be used to transport our entry from our house to the race track.

On the car trailer

She hung out up there for a quite a while, almost 15 mins. I'm not sure if it was because she was stuck or if she just enjoys being taller.

On a car trailer close up

And yes, this is yet another one of those "put your pug on stuff on take a picture" moments.

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Why is Shelby so happy looking?

Enjoying a spring day

I would like to think it's because it's a beautiful day, and she has a happy home, and she is glad to be out with us. But the reality is that there is a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone on the right, and she's thinking she's getting some.

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Hanging out at the restaurant

Shelby at Baci

Shelby sat quietly under the table waiting for the occassional treat to fall her way. Unlike at Sushi Fridays (our self-ban remains in place) she was well behaved. Nature however was in the mood to be a pain, and not only did our allergies get to us during this outing, but a swarm of bees was slowly making it's way down the street we were eating at. Very ominous, but luckily everyone escaped harm.

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