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Busy Bee

Steven and I watched Best in Show years ago, and loved it. Who could forget the high strung Weimaraner's obession with his busy bee toy? So while I was online buying supersized squirrels for Shelby, I ordered her a hide-a-bee as well.

Shelby thinks her Busy Bees are tasty

And Hide-a-bee is big enough for supersized squirrel to hide inside.

Hide a bee squirrel

Apparently, Shelby finds this toy tasty.

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Supersized Squirrel

All the squirrels from Shelby's beloved Hide-a-Squirrel toy had broken their seams. I look for a refill online, and finally found one. However, when it arrived, I realized that I had ordered too large a size. These squirrels are about twice the size of the original squirrels.

Supersized Squirrel

Shelby doesn't mind. And honestly, these squirrels are a bit easy to play with. And they don't get eaten by the vacuum. They don't fit in the trunk as well anymore, but we'll get over it.

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Pug Sunday

We're back! Shelby's life has been a little boring as of late, so there wasn't a lot to say. That changed when we brought her to Pug Sunday. Here she is, meeting some new dogs.

Who's this?

But shortly after she felt a bit shy and started hiding at my feet. She seems to do well when she's meeting a couple of dogs at a time, but not so well when there are a lot of dogs at once.
Shelby is hiding at Pug Sunday

Or perhaps it's because she didn't want an impromptu bath from the kiddies. This little black pug got caught and was subsequently splashed but a group of cheerful and eager little kids.
A little black pug gets an impromptu bath

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The Barking Garage

The Barking Garage

No, I didn't do this, but I did seize the opportunity for a photo since Shelby was with me.

For whatever reason, only Shelby's tail was cooperating with me. Her face it seems was busy doing other things.

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A skeptical breakfast

After coming home from mom's, where Shelby was gloriously spoiled and overfed, she returned home to us. In her absence we overlooked that we had run out of her kibble. She ate the last of it at mom's, and the pet store was closed. I scraped together some carrots and cheerios for breakfast.

A skeptical breakfast

She hasn't even seen what I've put in the bowl, and her face already look skeptical.

She ate it. With gusto, I might add.

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Shelby the Monkey

Shelby stayed with my mom for a week, and while she was there, little Erin came over to visit. Erin has a dog too, so she recognized that Shelby was a dog. But she also thought that Shelby's face looked like a monkey.

Shelby and Erin

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Shelby and Bear

My friend Penny just adopted a pup from the SPCA. We think he's a terrier daschund mix. Bear came over to to meet Shelby for the first time today.

They got along quite well, though there was the occasional humping attempt. Sometimes the rough housing got a bit too noisy or too rough, and they needed a "time-out". Check out the video of them playing together. This went on for hours! And at one point when we went outside, bear found a way to get under the deck and escape the house. Is it any wonder why Penny and I were exhausted after the visit?!

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A summer treat

We visited mom's again, and she had a nice suprise for Shelby.

Beef Broth Ice Cubes
Beef Broth Ice Cubes!

Yummy Beef Broth
Shelby loved it.

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The rough life of Shelby pug

The Rough Life of a Pug

Yep. It's rough. Soaking up the sun is tough work.

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