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A big yawn

Fully aware that there have not been enough Shelby closeups recently, I recently bothered her restful nap on the floor with my camera.

Pre yawn


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Good behavior

We brought Shelby long to a sushi lunch. I'm not sure if it was the hot weather, or if she's turned over a new leaf, but on this visit, she was very good.

Back at Sushi 2

The staff was quite happy to see that she was back, and immediately brought out a cool bowl of water.

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This is Steven's doing

I live with a highly creative husband, so I suppose I should have expected this.

Shelby art gets a busy bee

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We don't need no stinkin' bills

Yes, Shelby, I share your distain for paying bills, though I will need you to move your little butt if we are to keep the lights on in the house.

We don't need no stinkin' bills

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Shelby and Angie

Angie is one of the most well behaved dogs to visit our house. She's not that interested in other dogs, though I'm told she's a tennis ball addict. This didn't stop Shelby from meeting her. (You can see Shelby closing in on Angie's rear to sniff it.)

Shelby meets Angie

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Dinner with Shelby

Having failed at gleaning anything from our table, Shelby sets her eyes on the dinner being served at the table across the patio.

I'll have what she's having

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Shelby makes some friends

We visited a friend's house, and Shelby was invited too. Here she is with Tai Tai the black pug, and Hadji the Shi Tzu.
Three doggies, Shelby, Tai Tai, and Hadji

They enjoyed rolling around in the dirt. Tai Tai was smart and didn't get into trouble. She's nine years old, and not that foolish. Shelby and Hadji, however, lived for the moment.
Rolling in the dirt

Which meant that Hadji's people picked dirt out of his hair for 20 minutes.
Hadji, after playing with Shelby

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Art time!

A few months ago, I talked Steven into going to Maker Faire with me. We had a great time, and while we were there, we met an artist, Seth Minor, who had a small table there. He makes a lot of stuff, but his focus at the faire was wire portraits.

We asked him if he would do our portraits, including Shelby.

He said he had never done a pug before, but I think he did quite well.

Wire portraits

I didn't see the reference photos that Steven sent to him, but I'm assuming the one of Shelby had a bit of an indignant expression. She has definately given me this look when she wants something.

Shelby, all wired up

For example:

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