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Charity Calendar

In case the news hasn't already reached you, our sponsor H.Doodle's sister site ownedbypugs.com is holding their annual calendar contest. Participants can submit photos for consideration in the calendar. Corinne, from H.Doodle dropped me an email asking for a photo of Shelby, so I'm going to send over a couple photos. Here's some of the photos I'm thinking of sending in:

And of course, her Yoda and Poochador photos.

It would be great if Shelby's readers sent some too! Part of the proceeds of the calendar sales go to pug rescue. Yay! Click to learn more about the calendar. The contest ends August 31, so get your entries in soon.

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A tight fit

Just barely fits

When Shelby was a puppy, she would sit on my desk and nap on her little crate mat. She's bigger now, but still manages to squeeze onto her little mat.

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Shelby's first stack of pancakes

Frying up some pug sized pancakes

Stack of mini pancakes

Waiting in anticipation

Gone before we can even focus

Gone before we can even focus the camera.

Yes, this is probably a contributor to Shelby weighing a bit more as of late.

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Bring your pug to work day

The past 3 times I've brought Shelby to work so that she can play with Petunia, luck was not with us, and Petunia did not come to the office. So it was great day on Friday when the two pugs were able to meet again. After initial laps around the office, and obligatory butt-sniffing, they settled in for the day. Shelby shopped around for different laps to try, and Petunia resumed her role as queen of the office. Here she is sitting in my chair, presumably because she wants my job.

Shelby and Petunia at work

As for Shelby, I think perhaps she's smelled a biscuit nearby and wants it.

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Sneaking up on our lunch

To take shelter from the wind while at the lake, we ate lunch in the back of our truck.

Lunching with Shelby

Shelby inched her way close to lunch.


Closer still...


Lunch is upon us!


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Shelby's first visit to the lake

It was our intention to give Shelby her first boating adventure. We packed her little life jacket, and some water and snacks and set off optimistically for the nearby lake. Unfortunately, it was too windy to rent a boat. But that's OK. There was a nice dog run along the lake, and we were able to walk Shelby off leash for just about the entire time. Although the park officials ask dog owners to clean up after their dogs, it's obvious quite a few didn't listen. Steven and i spent half the time scolding Shelby to "leave it" whenever she dipped her nose into a pile of poop. Yuck!

But she had a great time, and we considered the trip a great success. Next time we hope to rent a boat and paddle around the lake. Till then, here's some photos we took while we were there.

Shelby at the lake

Shelby at the Lake

Here she is pretending to be the Lion King.

Shelby, the Lion King

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You can't come in Shelby. Please wait here.

Wait here little pug

She did a pretty good job staying put, though I had to remind her a few times.

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Hot and Tired

We went on a walk, and the weather got warm. Shelby was hot and tired when we got home. I gave her some ice cubes and took some embarassing photos of her.

Shelby, Hot and Tired

Shelby, hot and tired

Shelby, hot and tired

Shelby, Hot and Tired

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Stinky dog

It had been about 3 weeks since I gave Shelby a bath, and she was starting to smell a little gamey. That's not good, especially if your dog loves sitting near you.

I gave her a cool bath, which I thought she would enjoy on such a hot day, but I don't think she liked the cool water at all. Afterwhich I brushed her with the Fruminator brush, and blew her dry with the shop vac which does a really good job of blasting the rest of the loose hair off her. She HATED it, especially if I get near her ears. I imagine it must be very noisy for such sensitive ears.

Shelby getting blow dried. She's irritated with me

This usually lasts for about 3 days. For 3 short days, Shelby is a wonderful, clean smelling, non-shedding pug...after that, it's back to the fur nightmare that is our daily lives.

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