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It was just another boring walk when suddenly...

Ho hum. Just hanging out in front of the coffee shop. I'm not sure if we've bought the chicken pot pie by the time I took this photo, but she sort of looks like she has her begging face on. She tried twice to get that pot pie. (Naughty girl.)

Out for a walk

And the walk was pretty uneventful, until we came across this...
Praying Mantis

A praying mantis. We never see those around here! It was not actually Shelby who first found it. I brushed it off as a wayward grasshopper. It was Steven who identified it, and once we started staring at it (and in Steven's case, nudging it with a sitck) Shelby took interest.

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The only dog friendly car show we know of...

Even though Steven and I live very close to the Good Guys Car Show, they don't allow dogs, so we never get to walk Shelby over there. That's not true of the Billet-Proof car show, and so we pack up lots of water and Shelby, and head over to the Contra Costa Fairgrounds once a year.

Look out Shelby, I think that car is hungry.
Shark car

It's always funny to see how many of these tough car guys love a goofy little pug. A lot of people stopped us and said "I have a pug too!" One enthusiastic attendee told us that this truck was also nicknamed "the Pug." I think it might be becase they share a similar profile, but maybe someone can enlighten me. I'm just guessing.
Pug Truck Pug

And now for a little rest in the shade of the bleachers.
Is that chicken over there?
Shelby's attention is distracted because she found some chicken across the bleachers. Bad girl. You're allergic to chicken. None for you. Instead she managed to score a piece of Steven's burger.

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Technical difficulties

Argh. Apologies for the lack of posts recently. The camera is full, but the computer's Internet connectivity is not cooperating. We'll be back in a few days after I solve this rather maddening technical problem.

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Shelby and Bear Playdate

On Labor Day weekend, Shelby had a playdate with Bear. It was nearly nont stop action until the two little ones fell asleep from what I assume to be exhaustion.

Playing with Bear

The day started around 11am, when Bear arrived, and the wrestling and chasing began. Shelby quite likes Bear, because he is so willing to chase her. I find that when Shelby gets together with other pugs, they all sit around waiting for someone to start the chase, and no one ever does, so it's great that Bear is so accommodating. Shelby thanked him by humping his butt.

Around noon, my friend and I went out to lunch, and we left Bear and Shelby in the bathroom, with the baby gate fencing them in, where they could do no damage. Bear is still a puppy, and hadn't quite figured out that our house was not the outdoors. We left them with Steven. My friend was a bit concerned, but I confidently said. "Steven can handle it."

I guess my first hint that things had not gone smoothly was that the radio was quite loud when we returned. I assumed that maybe there was a lot of barking and Steven was trying to distract himself from the annoyance. We then noticed that although the babygate we had put up was still there, bathroom door was partially closed, with a little chain keeping it from opening all the way.

Uh oh. What went on here?

As it turned out, Bear made an escape attempt. Although he's just a little guy, he jumped the baby gate, and the next thing Steven knows, Bear is running around downstairs. Steven commanded him to "Come" but Bear ran away. Steven had to corner the little guy and put him back in the bathroom. This explains the door. Hmm. Naughty dog. Is now a good time to mention that we think Bear is part Jack Russel Terrier?

After our return from lunch, we decided to take the dogs for a little walk along the creek. We brought lots of water as it was very hot. We walked slowly, because I didn't want Shelby to overheat. About 1/3 of the way to the creek Shelby started to slow down. "Don't worry," I said confidently. "Shelby will tell me when she's had enough." And no sooner did I finish that sentence, did Shelby lay down in the dirt. "Well that's the signal. She's done." And I carried her back to the house. (Oh Shelby you've gotten heavy.)

The dogs were ready for even more playtime now that they were in the air conditioned house, though they were finally starting to tucker each other out, and the fell asleep inbetween fits of play.

All in all, this was a great day for Shelby. She rarely gets to play this much with a dog. There were 4 pee cleanups, and one of Shelby's toys suffered a mortal casualty, but the little pug is sleeping really soundly tonight, which makes the adventure so worth it.


And, oh yes, it was nice to see my friend too. :)

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Service Announcement: Please update your bookmarks

If anyone out there has been accessing Shelby's site through the url "www.shelbypug.com" please update your bookmarks with www.gopugyourself.com. In an effort to control how much of my money goes to GoDaddy, I'm removing shelbypug.com from the list of URLs that is associated with this site.

Plus, I just think www.gopugyourself.com sounds funnier.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Shelby, the drama queen

Depressed on the bed

Are you to tell me Shelby pug, ...
that I have let you on the bed,
we have taken a nice nap together,
you were happy as a clam
and after my 1 minute trip to the bathroom,
you look this distraught?

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Shelby falls asleep with her bone

asleep with her bone

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Oh it's so warm out!

There's no way Shelby's tongue is staying in her mouth today!


Guarding the iced tea

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