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Happy Halloween from Shelby the Teen Wolf

We were in quite a hurry this year to finish the costume, and Steven managed to take this photo despite an earthquake. (No worries, everyone's OK.) We've been so preoccupied that we haven't even carved the pumpkins yet. But I couldn't let Shelby's fans down, and not have a Halloween costume this year, so Steven and I proudly present Shelby the Teen Wolf!

Teen Wolf front

Shelby received many Cheerios for her efforts, and she's a really patient dog when it comes to fitting and posing. I hope Michael J. Fox would approve. I realized after making the costume, that the mask could easily double as a Dr. Cornelious Planet of the Apes costume. Others have mentioned that Shelby could also be an Ewok. I'll have to keep this pattern in mind for upcoming years.

Teen Wolf, back


Silly Shelby, you look like a little monkey sitting there. What are you looking at?
Werewolf, or monkey?

No seriously, what are you looking at?
Freaked out Werewolf

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In all the last minute panicking to get Shelby's Haloween costume done, I forgot to mention that two of Shelby's photos made it into the Owned by Pugs charity calendar. It's on sale now. See if you can find Shelby's picture in April and November's featured pugs.

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It's pumpkin time!

This year we went nuts and decided to visit two pumpkin patches instead of one.

We spent a lot of time looking for a weird shaped pumpkin to carve. This patch happened to have a lot of good looking pumpkins. We finally found one that we thought was strange enough and loaded it into the wagon. Here's Shelby at pumpkin patch 1, waiting while Steven pays.

In line to pay

Time for a little wagon ride back to the van.
Big pumpkin

And on the way home, we came across a second pumpkin patch. This one had more unique pumpkins, and a petting zoo and pony rides!

and scarecrows of course.
With the Scarecrows

Shelby is here meeting the bossy little pig that took over the pen. Apparently this little piggy took over the big goats bed, and started running the place the day it arrived.
Shelby and Pig

The goat seemed to take an interest in Shelby.
Shelby and Goat

And there were bunnies!
Shelby and Bunny

Shelby and Bunny

Pretty nice haul, don't you think Shelby?
Shelby and Squash

Well she doesn't look all that impressed. As usual, the most exicitng part of pumpkin day is smelling the hay.

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The moral of the story is to hand the fry to the pug

Last week's visit to our favorite restaurant went so well that we decided to go again, and tie Shelby to the front gate. Once again, Steven and I were able to get a table right next to where Shelby was tied so she was no more than 2 feet away from us, and we could keep an eye on her. She was being such a good girl that I decided to give her one of Steven's fries.

I tossed it to her.

It bounced off her nose, and landed in the box hedge that separated us, and sank into oblivion. NO PUG can leave a fry where it lay. They are relentless hunters of fries, and in true pug form, Shelby dove in the box hedge.
Digging for fries

And well shoot if she didn't get herself trapped in the hedge, and Steven had to go fish her out. Ugh.

So the moral of the story is to hand the fry to the pug.

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The Car Show

Yes, we went to another car show. This one was local, and we went with Steven's brother's family. It was a beautiful day.

Sometimes I find car show trends to be a bit odd. It took me a while to get used to seeing the stuffed kid dolls that were posed to look like they were "working" on the car. They always looked like they were being punished or something.

Now there appears to be a new trend.

Apparently it's all the rage to get a little model dog to pee on your rims. And here we've found a model pug.

fake pug

fake pug

Hmm. That's still kinda weird, but at least it's more amusing than the stuffed kid trend.

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Who pooped?

While Shelby is recovering, I thought I'd share some of her adventures, before getting sick.

Here is Shelby with her friend Bianca, the burmese bernese mountain dog. And that's my co-worker Carrie. Carrie has been kind enough to clean up a wayward piece of poop that was sitting near the entrance of the office. She suspected Bianca. I suspected Shelby. Though I had just taken Shelby outside, and she usually doesn't poop in the middle of the day, the poop in question was pretty small, leaving me to think that Bianca was innocent. However Bianca had already had one accident that morning. So we tag teamed it. Carrie picked up the poop, and I disposed of it outside in a trash bin.

Who pooped?

However neither dog fessed up to the crime.

Later on, Shelby and Bianca were playing chase around the office. Shelby will often try to outmanuver Bianca by running under a desk. Towards the end of the day, Bianca decided to follow Shelby under the desk, and knocked over a computer monitor. (oops). Luckily, dogs and monitors are all OK.

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A Shelby health update

Thanks for all the kind words and support. Shelby's taking a little Benedryl and Steven reports that although he is $40 poorer, Shelby is feeling much better.

I should also apologize for the worrisome photo. I was so mad at the time it didn't really occur to me that Shelby looks near-death in this photo. Oops. I didn't mean to worry you all so much.

In reality, she felt healthy enough to run around the house barking at people who walk by, though the barking would be followed by snorting fits where she tries to clear the snot out of her nose. Oh and the snoring...the ceaseless snoring...we won't miss that either.

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Poor Shelby's not feeling well

And make no mistake, I am miffed about it.

This all started with her annual checkup to get her insurance renewed.

Steven brought her to the vet, and was told that she was behind on 4 of her vaccines. We didn't get any reminders about booster shots, but Steven got a nice lecture about it anyway. Despite telling Steven that he would be able to drop Shelby off in order to make a doc apt of his own that morning, they changed their tune when he and Shelby arrived. Because she was not signed up for the Wellness Program, he would need to wait with her. They assured him that they would be done in plenty of time for his appointment.

An hour and a half later, Shelby had her clean bill of health and 4 vaccines.
They recommended a dental for Shelby.
And Steven's pissed because he's missed his doc appt, and he's 150 dollars poorer.

Here we are 5 days later, and she's feeling sick. We read the paperwork, and her congestion is probably caused by or a reaction to the kennel cough vaccine. However, at the same time her poop is soft, and her right eye is red and she's having trouble opening is all the way. (I really hope it's not pink eye.)

We gave her a bit of beef broth as a treat, and turned on the portable heater to keep her warm so she can sleep. Oh poor Shelby, I hope you feel better soon.

Under the weather

Meanwhile, Steven and I are considering changing vets. I am a bit irritated that Shelby was given so many vaccines at one time. We would've gladly separated this into two trips to reduce the risk of any reactions. And I don't want to have this office administer anesthetic for a dental. I'll look for some other options for vets who don't use anesthetics. (I think there's one in San Francisco.)

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The other side of the fence

One of our favorite restaurants doesn't allow dogs in their outside eating area. Techically it's not sidewalk eating, and we certainly don't want to cause them any health code violations. But we have noticed that some dog owners will sit in the front patio area, and tie up their dogs just on the other side of the gate and tiny hedge, and things seem to work out really well. We decided to see if Shelby would behave in this situation, after all, she would always be able to see us, and she was only 3 feet from us.

Watiting at Stacey's
After a few attempts to hop the hedge, Shelby settled down and started to people watch, and sunbathe. It happened to be Farmers Market day, so several people stopped by to pet her, and she loved that, especially when kids would visit. For her good behavior, Steven gave her a french fry.

I throughly enjoyed it, and Shelby did quite well. Steven was a bit of a mess and missed her terribly.

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No puppet love today

I brought Shelby to work on Friday. She had a great time playing with Bianca, the BUrmese Moutain Dog. Unfortunately the two moved too fast for me to snap a photo. Suffice it to say, Shelby returned to my desk several times during the day with a gigantic panty smile on her face from playing chase with Bianca.

Later on, one of my co-workers broke out his puppet. While the humans all got a huge kick out of it, you can see from the photo, the dogs are a bit more confused. This is Shelby running circles around "Daulty" the puppet, trying to make out what he is, and whether or not she could trust him. We even put atreat inside Daulty's mouth to get Shelby to kiss him, but alas, the pug remains suspicious.


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