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Shelby's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Mom's was large and frenetic. Steven was out frying the turkey, while mom and dad were in the kitchen cooking up side dishes. Shelby relished the big family clan she's always wanted. My uncle's family came over, and lavished Shelby with attention and Cheerios, and my 2 year old niece was there, and she had quite a lot of fun chasing Shelby around.


In all the commotion of Thanksgiving dinner, I didn't worry about Shelby too much. She spent most of her time sitting under the dinner table with a beef rib bone that my mom had prepared for her. But then towards the end of the meal, I noticed her in the living room munching on something orange colored on mom's oriental rug.

Missing Cantaloupe

This is a photo of Shelby, trying not to make eye contact. We had set this aside on the coffee table to make room for dinner. If you look at the centerpiece, there are supposed to be alternating honeydew and cantaloupe slices along the outer edge.

Where is the cantaloupe slice, Shelby? Hmm? Did it just walk off?

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Go away

Go away Shelby. I'm eating my slice pumpkin cheesecake. I always order too much at Cheesecake Factory, and this time I was good and ordered the salad, therefore justifying the cheesecake. So this is MY cheesecake, Shelby. Do you hear me? Do we understand each other?

Go away

Why are you still here? Quit looking at me like that.

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The Space Heater is our friend...

My how the weather changes around here. Last week it was warm enough to go to the beach. This week, Shelby is worshipping the space heater gods.

Heat worshipping

Heat worshipping

Pray little dog. Pray for warmth.

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...and then Shelby peed on the sand castle

The good news is that Steven and I will probably look back and remember this weekend as one of our most fun excursions with Shelby. The bad news is that I didn't get any photos of the most hilarious parts. Sorry shelby pug fans, you'll just have to believe my text accounts of our epic visit to Carmel.

With no obligations on Saturday, we packed water and snacks and drove down to Carmel beach for some family fun. Shelby joined us for lunch at the very dog-friendly Village Corner restaurant where dogs are welcomed on the patio. Before we left, a little girl came by and asked to take Shelby's picture. She managed to get a shot with Shelby licking her nose.

After that we headed down to the beach. Shelby was excited! The only thing I can compare it to is the South Park episode where Cartman finally makes it to Casa Bonita, and because the police are chasing him, he experiences everything in about 1 minute. That was pretty much what Shelby did when we took off her leash at the beach.

She immediately found a little dog about her size to play with. They around around each other in circles, chasing and out manuvering each other.

In the two minutes that followed, she...

  • found a boy who was digging a hole in the sand, butted right in and helped him dig the hole
  • played chase with another little dog
  • helped a mother and duaghter dig a hole for a their sand castle, but then peed on the sand castle. We were really relieved that the mother took it with a great sense of humor.

As we walked down the beach, Shelby met and played with the dogs she came across, including a tiny little pug puppy named Savannah out for it's first visit to the beach.

It all happened so fast that I couldn't get any photos of Shelby util she settled down and started to play with Steven on the beach towel.
Rolling around with Steven

And then of course, there was the sun bathing...

All that action makes Shelby start panting.
Panting at Carmel beach

Of course, she fell asleep early that night.

Steven and I are still chuckling over how cute she was during this visit, noting that visiting the beach is a lot more fun with her around.

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