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Who was that?!

As Shelby get older, new experiences are fewer and farther between. She's 4 now, and she's just about seen everything a dog could possibly experience...hasn't she?

Not so.

Last week, she was sitting comfortably in my lap, when all of a sudden she bounced off and ran towards the door.

Who was that?!

I went to inspect, but saw nothing.

Still, Shelby didn't move from the door, so I stayed there with her, looking for whatever she had seen. Then suddenly a cute little raccoon face popped up from underneath the deck! Shelby was fascinated. She's never seen a raccoon before, but she didn't bark. I ran to get Steven and my camera, but by the time I returned the raccoon was gone, and despite our mutual patience, the little fellow did not revisit.

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Carrier training

My office is dog friendly, however the parking situation is not good. It costs 20 bucks to park. Ouch! So I bought a little dog carrier off of eBay hoping that I could bring Shelby on public transporation.

Except Shelby HATES being carried. I've been trying to break her in slowly.

80 biscuits later, she's pretty comfy sitting in the carrier.


When she starts calming down while the carrier is rolling, I'll try bringing her. Hopefully she doesn't cry the whole time.

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Christmas 2007

Phew. Now that we're done digesting Christmas dinner, time for an update on how Shelby did this year.

First let's start with her very sweet Christmas photo

Despite some rather questionable behavior shortly before Christmas, Shelby did indeed score some gifts.

Hunting for treats
That little plastic green thing may look innocuous, but it's full of treats, and Shelby knocks it around trying to get kibble and biscuits out of it. I've decided that this might be a handy tool for relieving separation anxiety. I've filled it a couple of times, and given it to Shelby just as we are walking out the door. So far, no barking when we leave if she has the treat toy. I'm crossing my fingers, and if you see her gain weight in Jan, you'll know why.

Ho ho ho! What's this? Another gift?
Christmas toy
Yes, Shelby liked that little lion I bought her for her birthday so much that I decided to get the little tiger as well. This is good because now when that stinky slobberly lion is in the wash, Shelby has a backup friend.

Shelby spent the rest of the day helping people open their gifts. And yes, Steven did let Shelby help him open his present. It was that bottle of Patron that she was showing so much interest in earlier in the week. (I'm not sure how this little girl turned into such a discriminating conasieur of tequila. Rest assured she only gets to lick a drop or too off Steven's finger, not enough to preserve her liver.)

The day was topped off with a gigantic beef bone from the dinner table. I think maybe mom served prime rib just so she could give Shelby the bone. She must have had a good day because she was snoring away by the time we got home.

Merry Christmas little pug.

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Why aren't the presents under the tree?

That's a very good question. There are presents, however they are up on a shelf.

Shelby...do you have an answer for your fans? Why did we put our presents up there?

Fishing for presents

Could it be because you tried to open Steven's present? The one with the hard liquor in it?

Or perhaps, it was because you tried to run off with one of the red gifts when it came in the mail?

Or maybe it was when you tried to steal your present while I was wrapping it?

Maybe it was when you tried to pull a stocking from the mantle and nearly had a stocking holder come crashing down on you?

Yes, perhaps it is all those things. If you're not careful, it's going to take a lot more than a cute Christmas sweater to convince Santa that you've been a good girl this year.

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Cozy pug

Comfy dog, by the fire. She's dug her face into her little sheepskin rug.


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To the Christmas Tree Lot!

Pick us a sincere tree Shelby!

At the Christmas tree lot

But wait...what's that in Santa's pants?
Shelby in the shadow of Santa's bulge

That's quite a bluge he's got.


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Shelby's Birthday Present

With all the Christmas hubbub of buying presents and decorating the house, I neglected to tell you what we got Shelby for her birthday!

We bought a little stuffed lion at a local shop. Shelby picked it out herself, picking the squeaky lion over the turtle with rattles in his feet. When she opened it, she was so proud. She paced around mom's house with the lion in her mouth.

They are fast friends.

Shelby and lion

Shelby and lion

Cozy with her new friend

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Shelby's 4th birthday

On Thursday, we went to my mom's for dinner and Shelby's birthday. Here she is sitting in Steven's lap, using his big paws as her pillow.


My niece helped Shelby put on her birthday hat.

After some initial protest, I think Shelby remembers that when she wears the hat, she gets cake.
waiting for cake

Not yet Shelby. The candle is still lit, and we don't need any flaming whiskers on your birthday.


OK OK, you're kidding yourself if you think you're getting the whole thing. (I cut off the corner and let her eat that. The rest is sliced up in the freezer and we'll give it to her as snacks over the month.)

Happy 4th Birthday Shelby!

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Stairway to sunshine

Shelby is staying with mom for a few days. She's having a good time. No doubt mom is spoiling her, and we will get a fairly rotten pug when Shelby returns.

Mom sent me these photos today of Shelby sleeping on the stairs.
first stair

And as the sun moved, Shelby climbed up to the next stair to continue her sunbathing.
second stair

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Princess and the Pea

First off, let me say that I do not consider Shelby a picky dog. While she can be very insistent about waht she wants, mostly, the things she wants are simple. To sit in your lap. The food on your plate. Standard dog desires.

However, the little pug is finicky when it comes to her bed. I'm not sure what makes her so comfortable sleeping on the floor, and yet she is so particular about her bed. She loved snuggleball, until I threw it away due to it's rapidly decreasing ability to stay fluffed up. Plus, we had ripped the cover, and I couldn't find a replacement cover.

We went to the fancy dog shop, and I purchased a very nice donut bed made of fabric that is not only impervious to pug fur, but also matches the decor of the house. Shelby hates it. In her defense, she didn't seem to like it at the store, and for some reason, I felt like she would get over it.

She didn't.

Instead I put her day pillow inside the fancy bed, and ever since then she has not given up on her day pillow. In fact, even if she is very tired, she will still seek out the day pillow, whereever it might be in the house, and sleep on that instead of fancy bed.

What a princess.

So I am very happy today that I have finally found something else that Shelby will sleep on.

Steven and I recently upgraded comforters. Our old one was getting worn out, and not quite as warm. But what to do with the old one? We folded it up, and a chopped up two old pillow cases to make a cover.

Princess & Pea

It's super soft. It probably smells like us. And Shelby adores it.

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