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Princess and the Pea

First off, let me say that I do not consider Shelby a picky dog. While she can be very insistent about waht she wants, mostly, the things she wants are simple. To sit in your lap. The food on your plate. Standard dog desires.

However, the little pug is finicky when it comes to her bed. I'm not sure what makes her so comfortable sleeping on the floor, and yet she is so particular about her bed. She loved snuggleball, until I threw it away due to it's rapidly decreasing ability to stay fluffed up. Plus, we had ripped the cover, and I couldn't find a replacement cover.

We went to the fancy dog shop, and I purchased a very nice donut bed made of fabric that is not only impervious to pug fur, but also matches the decor of the house. Shelby hates it. In her defense, she didn't seem to like it at the store, and for some reason, I felt like she would get over it.

She didn't.

Instead I put her day pillow inside the fancy bed, and ever since then she has not given up on her day pillow. In fact, even if she is very tired, she will still seek out the day pillow, whereever it might be in the house, and sleep on that instead of fancy bed.

What a princess.

So I am very happy today that I have finally found something else that Shelby will sleep on.

Steven and I recently upgraded comforters. Our old one was getting worn out, and not quite as warm. But what to do with the old one? We folded it up, and a chopped up two old pillow cases to make a cover.

Princess & Pea

It's super soft. It probably smells like us. And Shelby adores it.

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Shelby looks truly comfortable. She may not have the moon n stars, but she looks like she's on her way to becoming a bonified star gazer. Sweet dreams Shelby. julir

Posted by: julir | Dec 2, 2007 12:37:54 PM


Okay think I will be doing what you suggested! Awesome Idea!

Posted by: nan | Dec 2, 2007 1:07:32 PM

Dear Winnie--brilliant solution! you not only recycled your old comforter, but you gave your baby Shelby something familiar to rest/sleep on and she can, indeed, smell
your essence on the old bedding--a comforting scent of mommy and daddy....at last she is happy about her replacement bedding!!

Posted by: Jade | Dec 2, 2007 3:27:34 PM

Hi, how long did the snuggle ball last? Why not get another snuggleball?

Posted by: jo | Dec 2, 2007 8:49:42 PM

I thought about it. But we were ready for something more tailored looking. Snuggleball's great though.

Posted by: Winnie | Dec 2, 2007 9:07:01 PM

What a cutie pie! Give her hugs and kisses for me:-).

Posted by: Selena | Dec 2, 2007 9:54:02 PM

Aaaawww! Good night Sweet Shelby.

Posted by: Sandy | Dec 3, 2007 8:32:27 AM

Our dog isn't that picky about sleeping surfaces, but for some reason, the minute we brought home an IJoy massage chair, he sat in it and loved it. Now he sleeps in the massage chair, which I rarely use. So, the dog ends up with a $600 dog bed!

Posted by: betty | Dec 3, 2007 3:28:45 PM

Apparently El Meatball is snubbing his expensive bed as well ... for the $19 sheepskin that you pointed me to at IKEA! Though, unlike Shelby, Bear likes to pull at it. I'm shocked its still together.

Posted by: PY | Dec 3, 2007 5:04:28 PM

aww, she looks so happy and comfy on her new bed! what a cutie! i love her to bits! lots of love and hugs to shelby! :)

Posted by: dana | Dec 3, 2007 9:00:02 PM

That looks very comfortable. Usually for my baby gal she sleeps any where but at night time, she insist to sleep on my bed and it's been like that ever since.

Posted by: Kay | Dec 4, 2007 6:33:01 PM

my furbies' fave sleeper is an old mattress pad that i fold up to create layers. next fave is one of the westpaw eco nappers. go figure.

Posted by: pmg | Dec 16, 2007 1:58:00 PM

I love the snuggleball. Please tell me where you got it! My pug steals my bal like pillow and I wasnt it back...>_<

Posted by: Coreinna | Dec 21, 2007 7:22:18 PM

I love the snuggleball. Please tell me where you got it! My pug steals my ball like pillow and I want it back...>_<

Posted by: Coreinna | Dec 21, 2007 7:22:44 PM

If you serach for "snuggleball" you should be able to find one. i can't remember where we bought ours anymore, but I think Shelby slept on a medium sized ball. The small one was too small for her. She likes a big fluffy ball. :)

Posted by: Winnie | Dec 21, 2007 8:58:39 PM

my pug ari has pale pink throw as her bed. when she was a puppy she took a liking to it and now it has become hers. i used to leave it in her cage at night but would wakeupto her digging it out of the cage! so now it goes everywhere we do...including the car:)

Posted by: jen | Jan 24, 2009 7:11:20 PM

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