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Meeting Franklin

When Shelby was a puppy, we called upon friends with dogs to help socialize her during her first 4 months. Now it was Shelby's turn to return the favor. We visited some friends who recently added Franklin the pug puppy to their family. It's really hard trying to get a photo of two rapidly moving pugs. Franklin is a total crack-up.


Here they are together. Shelby is deliriously happy. Franklin seems like he was distracted by something to the right (as puppies often are). I only managed to get this photo after about 90 minutes of chasing each other around. I'm surprised that both of them aren't passed out at this point.

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Moving boxes

Yes, we're moving. And not in that digital way, where all I do is change the url. We are actually moving! Steven and I are quite excited and mortified at the same time. We are shocked and awed over the amount of stuff that needs to be packed.

Meanwhile, aside from there being a little less playtime, and room to play, Shelby seems to be taking everything in stride. She usually eats facing north. Now that the kitchen is full of boxes, she eats facing east.

moving boxes

Yep. So long as she gets her breakfast, everything's going to be just fine.
moving boxes

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New camera

I was playing around with my new camera, and wanted to test how closeup I could take a photo of Shelby. This is Shelby in her sassy bow fresh after a bath.

new camera, portrait

Hmm. That's pretty good. But maybe we can get even closer.

new camera, closeup

That's even better! I like this camera. Good job posing Shelby. Let's go get you a biscuit for your nice modelling efforts.

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Happy Valentine's Shelby!

Now that I've finally replaced the old camera, we're back with more Shelby photos, just in time for Valentine's day. Steven got me some lovely chocolate covered strawberries from our local chocolate shop. Shelby, a sucker for all things edible, really really wanted one. But no. Chocolate is not good for little dogs.

Pining for Strawberries

I thought the photo was so darling, I turned around to show Steven. During that short period of time, Shelby stood on her back legs and had the strawberry box by the paw, and was pulling it towards her. Bad girl!

She had to settle for the strawberry tops, but she seemed quite satisfied with that.


And thank you Steven, for the lovely strawberries! Happy Valentines everyone :)

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy belated Chinese New Year everyone! I celebrated by throwing out my back, visiting the massage therapist, and then we all went to mom and dad's for Chinese New Year dinner. Quite an exciting day. Sorry for not posting sooner, but when you're flat on your back...well, there are other priorities. :)

As for Shelby, she donned her little dress, and whined in the car all the way to mom's where she promptly ran into the house and forgot all about Steven and me.

And for good reason. Mom is the "giver of rib bones"
Chinese New Year Bone
Shelby didn't even pose for the camera. She was too busy chowing down.

Since I was still sore from the whole back debaucle, Mom was kind enough to watch Shelby for us for a few days. She emailed me a few photos of Shelby. Here she is being slightly more photogenic, however I know that she's staring at the kitchen from where she's laying.

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Uh oh, new gate

We've been using an old baby gate to keep Shelby from wreaking havoc in the house while we're out. (Yes, she still does that.) But I hate it. I'm just about 2 inches too short to clear the gate on my own, and I'd been eyeing some nice gates with doors built in. A friend of ours gave us one, and Steven installed it today.

There's only one catch...the door closes automatically. Hmmm. How is Shelby to get in and out to use ther litter box, and drink water?

New baby gate

Luckily Steven is very resourceful. He got a tiny bungee cord from the garage, and voila! The gate stays open until we say otherwise.

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Don't bother me, I'm sleeping

A while ago, I had retooled our old comforter into a dog bed for Shelby. We used it as a day bed for her. Her "nice" doggie bed is in our bedroom. As evening rolls around, Shelby would always settle into the comforter bed, and we would have to prod her to get up. Steven noticed that she was really reluctant to move. Sometimes we'd get tired of waiting and just picked her up and carried her.

Tucked in

I just thought she was tired. Steven hypothesized that Shelby likes this cushy bed more than her expensive bed, and that's why she wouldn't get up. We conducted a test, and placed the two next to each other. Sure enough, Shelby picked the cushy bed that I had made.

So now this is her doggie bed. It's currently sitting on top of her expensive nice bed. Eventually, I think I'll donate her nice bed. I'm sure the local shelter always needs this sort of thing.

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