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Just in case any of you missed it in the comments, Randon & Muggins made this for Shelby.

Too cute not to share...

Shelby's at my mom and dad's "dog resort" where shes going to stay while Steven and I are at the hospital. We'll be back soon with stories and photos of how Shelby adjusts to being a big fuzzy sister.

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Pug in the jungle

I was in the atrium, doing a little light gardening / weeding. Shelby tried helping by tearing into some roots from a dead plant I was digging up. I wasn't sure if it was good for her to chew it. This is what I get for not paying attention in botany class. Later on, she found a sunny spot (thankfully away from any surge protectors) and settled into the dirt to relax.

She kinda looks like she's in a jungle.
Pug in the jungle

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Is that cozy?

Nothing new on the baby front.

So in the meantime, I thought I'd share how Shelby is settling into the new house.

She loves sunning herself, and has found this spot, under Steven's desk to be very cozy.

Cozy spot?


Is that a good idea? We trained her not to chew on wires from puppyhood, but still...there's got to be a better sunbathing spot in the house. That curly tail is getting awfully close.

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False alarm

Well we thought Shelby would become a big sister on Tuesday.

Oops, false alarm. But it gave Steven and I good practice, including dropping Shelby off at my parents before heading off to the hospital. This is the look she gave me while we were rushing around.

Where am I going?

I'm not sure what you all make of this expression, but she kinda looks like she's wondering what's going on to me.

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Everybody neat and pretty?

Steven took Shelby to PetSmart to be groomed. Usually I do this, but since she badly needed a nail trim, and Steven and I were really tired from all the unpacking, we decided to send her to the groomers at PetSmart.

There's pros and cons to it, depending on the PetSmart. It happened that it was a very busy day, and Shelby doesn't like being abandoned by her people and more than she likes getting her nails trimmed. Being a groomer is a pretty tough job, especially when it comes to trimming her nails. It's also ridiculously cheap for what they do. $17 for a bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim AND a bandana? Unfortunately, Shelby probably spent more time there than she needed because Steven assumed they would call him when they were done, and they didn't.

Everybody neat and pretty?

But she came home looking sassy and smelling nice

Trim nails, clean ears

Clean ears and trimmed nails too!

That's good because Shelby spent the following day entertaining 2 boys by performing tricks, and getting chased around. She hasn't gotten this much attention from us in a long time, and she just ate it up.

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Donation Time!

Thanks to our sponsor, H.Doodle, we have some funds to give away to needy pugs. This time, we sent the proceeds to little Cami, a hospice pug over at Pugpros.org in Sacramento.

After all, who could resist this face?

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House Tour

Steven's off at the dumps (quite literally) and I'm at home with a cold, so I thought Shelby and I would take this time to give you a tour of the slightly cleaned up new place. I must warn you that Shelby looks a little grumpy in all the photos. This is likely because she is still bitter about being dragged away from my mom's house which is clearly a doggie spa retreat. I would probably be upset too if my days of beef rib bones and 2 walks a day came to an abrupt end. She might also look grumpy becauseshe is waiting for Steven to come back. In fact, as I'm writing this, she's gazing at the entryway.

Here's our living room. It was the room that was covered in boxes in the previous post. We cleaned it up, but then a shipment of lights came in, so it's messy again. Steven's been very industrious getting all this stuff setup so I think we'll have this room looking decent again shortly.
Living room

This new place is actually smaller than our old place, so Steven's drums don't fit in his office anymore. Instead they are in the family room.
family room

This is the entry way. We've got an atrium in the middle of the house, so the orange door at the end is the entry. Shelby is waiting for Steven to come home. Apparently, my presence means nothing.
Entry, waiting for daddy

Here's my office. I cropped out the part of the room that was still unpacked, but generally speaking this room is in pretty good shape since i had time to give away a bunch of stuff before moving.
My office

Here's our bedroom, with a big ugly plastic bin of clothes in the middle. Yes Shelby, I sense your disapproval of this mess.
Our bedroom

And this is the corner of our bedroom where Shelby sleeps. She gets a view of us, as well as a view down the hallway from this position, so I think she likes it.
Shelby's bed
Yes, Shelby, Don't look at me like that. I know you're wondering where daddy is.

Speaking of daddys...

Who do you think all this is for?
Who's this for?

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Who let all these boxes in here?!

As promised, a couple pf photos of Shelby in the new place. Steven and I are both very excited that Shelby will have a yard to play in, however it seems to have a rather high count of spiders. Plus, I am out of frontline, and I don't want to send her out there just in case the feral cats have brought their fleas.

As you can see, the house is quite the disaster right now. Steven and I are working hard to set it up properly so we can feel at home. Meanwhile, Shelby seems to have found her little sheepskin, and that seems to make her pretty happy.

Who let all these boxes in here?

She's not sleeping that much during the day because there's a lot going on. I think that's why she's been going to bed earlier than usual.

Thank goodness the master bedroom is all unpacked. Shelby wasted no time in finding a sunny spot to lounge in.
A new sunny spot

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I don't think very many people enjoy the actual process of moving, myself included. No pictures today because I just barely got the Internet working. There's not a lot in this world that can send me into a flying rage, unfortunately setting up a wireless Linksys router is one of them.

But here's the Shelby update.

We sent her to stay with my mom for a week while we packed. Poor pug wasn't getting any attention from us while we were packing. At mom's she got beef broth in her water, and 2 walks a day. Mom was very careful to maintain Shelby's weight while she was there. Dad, however, enjoyed hosting a guest who enjoyed peanuts, as evidenced in Shelby's poops.

We're in the new house now, and I'm quite embarassed to show you how disheveled it looks, but I'll get a picture up in the next day or so. For now, both Steven and I are absolutely exhausted from the experience. The only family member taking this in stride is Shelby. She seems to be OK so long as we're around. Plus...she didn't have to move any of her stuff.

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